Will Jason Goodman raise a likely $100,000 in punitive damages from his PATREON subscribers?

Updated: May 7, 2021

Above: Artist rendition of Jason "Mockingbird Killer" Goodman aka Grossman

Above: Anti-Mockingbird Media conspiracy theorist Jason Goodman talks about his dental work somewhere in Chelsea, Manhattan.


Jason Goodman is the so-called "Mockingbird" killer that hates C.I.A. infiltrators to award shows and news journalism. He sponsors the COUNTER LAWFARE FUND to raise monies to fight the people trying to "chill his journalistic efforts". That would include his "lawfare enemies" at the EMMY Awards.

Jason Goodman is well qualified to be the honest broker to take on the "Mockingbird Media", the C.I.A. controlled mainstream media. Goodman rose to international fame in June 2017 when his alt-right social media conspiracy show closed the Port of Charleston, South Carolina for a "dirty bomb hoax".

VICE News has theorized that the Port of Charleston incident may have been the catalyzing event to commence QAnon-based information operations at the behest of players with dotted line connections to the C.I.A.

New documents in only one of the many defamation lawsuits facing Jason Goodman indicates he may be facing upwards of $75,000 in punitive damages. The final total could be three to four times as great ($300,000).

This does not take into account the possibility of $125,000 in legal expenses that may soon be demanded by the Washington, D.C. law firm representing the EMMY Awards. That law firm has recently filed a new amended complaint seeking attorney's fees (click document below).

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Questions are swirling if the CrowdSource The Truth subscribers on PATREON and SubscribeStar would be able to help Jason "Mockingbird Killer" Goodman with such large court fees and costs.

It appears the average Crowdsource subscriber is a member of the lower classes and, on average, contributes less than $5 a month to Goodman's coffers (based on non-empirical evidence and estimates). Nonetheless, Goodman appears to beg for monies to pay his "legal expenses".

Many observers interpret these "I am burning furniture to stay warm" appeals as a throw back to earlier "Laura Loomer-ish" antics (see padlocking oneself to Twitter's main entrance and "my life is ruined Alex").

Above: Artist rendition of "burning furniture to stay warm".

Above: Artist rendition of Jason Goodman "burning furniture to stay warm".


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