[USCG] Have a good "dirty bomb hoax" laugh at the Port of Charleston on June 14th, 2017

Updated: Jun 15

It was five years ago today (June 14, 2017) that the bungling and inept knuckle draggers at U.S. Coast Guard District Charleston created their famous nuclear comedy show.

ABOVE: Dramatization of the M/V MEMPHIS MAERSK exploding with a "dirty bomb" hidden in a secret diplomatic container.

ABOVE: Dramatization of U.S. Coast Guard evacuation warning issued by the high school drop-outs on duty that night who talked to Jason Goodman on the telephone.

ABOVE: Dramatization of U.S. Coast Guard cavemen freaking out when they heard the evacuation sirens for the M/V MEMPHIS MAERSK.

ABOVE: Dramatization of the LiveStream audience on June 14, 2017.

ABOVE: The CrowdSource team takes on Q-Anon.

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