Thomas Schoenberger pal Ed Butowsky had "extensive contacts" in military and intelligence

Updated: Aug 21, 2020


New court documents filed in the Southern District of New York reveal that Thomas Schoenberger side-kick Edward Butowsky has "significant" contacts within military, law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Below is the SDNY court PDF filing

Download PDF • 83KB

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Thomas Schoenberger side-kick Deep NSA, aka Korean BBQ, is the subject of a Naval Criminal Investigative Service probe (NCIS) into alleged unauthorized access of military installations in the Washington, D.C. area with her ex-boyfriend George Webb (YouTube journalist).,%2C%20drawing%2C%20map%2C%20or%20graphical

Deep NSA, aka Corean BBQ, was staying in the same Capitol Heights, Maryland hotel with George Webb when the beaten body of Jenny "Task Force" Moore was discovered August 13, 2018. The corpse was found in a room apparently down the hallway from a room occupied by the love birds (Korean BBQ and George Webb). It is believed that Corean BBQ and George Webb had traveled to Annapolis, possibly to the U.S. Naval Academy the morning of 8/13/2018 when the body of Jen Moore was discovered.

Deep NSA was apparently life long friends with "Krisitna Julia".

Rumors indicate that Jenny Moore and George Webb swapped hotel rooms either Thursday or Friday prior to the grizzly discovery of the battered and bruised corpse of Jenny Moore.

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