So-called "conspiracy theorist" Jason Goodman joins up with Harvard grad John Hoover Snyder, esq.

Updated: Oct 16, 2020


Jason Goodman is developing a reputation at the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.) as someone "who concocts conspiracy theories" (Hon. Judge Valerie E. Caproni).

Today, October 13th, 2020, the attorney representing Jason Goodman in the EMMYs lawsuit made his grand entrance on to the scene. Mr. Goodman is now represented by a national evidence collection expert named John Hoover Snyder.

Mr. Snyder, a Harvard trained lawyer", is apparently a substitution for Quinn Michaels, the former expert in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that guided Mr. Goodman on many CROWDSOURCE THE TRUTH podcasts.

John Hoover Snyder has a colorful background in the world of A.I., especially at it applies to combing through thousands of video and audio files in search for discoverable evidence. He has now taken on Jason Goodman.

Click for court document below:

Download PDF • 104KB

Court hearing dial-in information:

10/30/2020 - high noon EST

888-363-4749, Access code 3121171#, Security code 7269


Now the C.E.O. and founder of "AGNES INTELLIGENCE" (with offices at 555 Fifth Avenue) will represent Goodman's "CrowdSource The Truth" company before Judge Caproni on October 30TH, 2020 in the EMMYs vs. CrowdSource The Truth lawsuit.

Above: A.I. expert John Snyder, new lawyer for Jason Goodman

Above Jason Goodman and "A.I." expert Quinn Michaels

Below: "How Artificial Intelligence Helps Plaintiff Win The Data War" (click for PDF).

Download PDF • 1.70MB

The document above claims that "AGNES" has integrated artificial intelligence with the federal rules of civil procedure to create some hybrid evidence collection "machine".

This is an eerie coincidence as Jason Goodman has been evangelizing his Patreon supporters about "counter-lawfare" efforts and the need to "fight back". AGNES almost seems to be the legal dream come true in some court room Frankenstein movie.

jimmya day ago

What is up with the CG on this guy? He is either on a green screen, his background has been editted out or he is an CGI and not real at all. Very poorly done I might add. Notice the black trails around his fingers as his hand moves around in front of the camera. At times his fingers even flicker out of existance. Then the background is at a differnt pixelation rate than the guy, and it isn't even at a believeable visual asspect of perception. Does anyone else notice what a hack job this is? I hope it is unbeknownst by Alex and his crew. I would hat to think they were implicant in some kind of hoax.

Above: Jason Goodman appears on some "Alex Jones" conspiracy theory show in so-called CGI warp.


In an eerie coincidence Jason Goodman's new lawyer (John Hoover Snyder) is a former aerial tight-rope artist, much in the same way as the former Russian wife of Goodman.

Above: John Hoover Snyder appears on some media outlet related to "China 24" aka the alleged China Global Television Network (CGTN)


John is a graduate of Harvard Law School and is currently running his own commercial litigation firm in Midtown Manhattan, NY. John is the founder of the Harvard Law School Solo/Boutique Law Firm Network, a nationwide network of Harvard Law School graduates who have started their own law firms. John frequently writes and speaks about legal entrepreneurism, and has mentored numerous fellow lawyers seeking to leave large firms to start their own solo practices. He is the secretary of the Election Law Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, and has testified before the New York State Senate regarding redistricting in New York State. John is also a member of the State Affairs Committee of Citizens’ Union, New York’s oldest “good government” organization, and has represented Citizens’ Union in successfully advocating the constitutionality of New York City’s campaign finance law. John has also worked as a volunteer lawyer for the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights in protecting voting rights in the state of Ohio. John represented 13 sexual assault advocacy organizations pro bono, as amici curiae, in proposing before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court a new rule of evidence for sexual assault cases, adopted in whole by the Court in 2008 in Commonwealth v. Murungu. His pro bono work also includes representation of numerous theatrical and arts organizations.


Some Internet observers murmur that the so-called "weaponizing" of the federal rules of civil procedure may hearken back to the days of PFC Patrick Bergy and his dire warnings about Information Influence Activities (I.I.A.).


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