[SDNY] Russian doomsday agents run lawsuit cover-up of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever outbreak

Updated: Jul 26

BREAKING: Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) outbreak in Spain, right on cue, miraculously predicted by the dynamic duo of Russian agents.

Rumors on the Internet indicate the George Webb and Jason Goodman lawsuits may only be a clever ruse to cover-up the CCHF outbreak in Spain (30% death rate).

In the world of Russian disinformation operations (like skilled SPUTNIK affiliate Jason Goodman) it is common to create outcomes to validate prophecies of agents (George Webb).

ABOVE: George Webb at Miami University, circa 1982


ABOVE: In May 2017 Jason "SPUTNIK" Goodman was reporting that "Anti-Russian Ukrainian operatives (are) tracking Webb and Goodman".

ABOVE: Jason "SPUTNIK" Goodman broadcasts from pro-Trump "propaganda" platform GETTR.


It is always difficult to understand how a countryman can sell-out their own country, as in presumably the case with Jason "SPUTNIK" Goodman and George Webb (anti-NATO). Many observers see the pair as disinformation agents trying to cover-up a potential Russian plan to infect the civilian population with CCHF. Could it be both are compromised by black mail agents?

George Webb sues Jason Goodman, then Jason Goodman sues George Webb. This makes a nice cottage industry to provide a social media distraction away from CCHF infections, which might be the end goal. But, the lawsuits always seem to have a fatal flaw that would be easy to detect (see Goodman vs. Bouzy and George Webb).

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