[SDNY] LBRY, INC., ODYSEE HOLDINGS, INC., and Jason Goodman to be sued for racketeering

Updated: Sep 9


“Radicals post specifically on platforms such as Odyssey, Bitchute, and Steam

It is a strategy of the new right and conspiracy ideologues: They post specifically on platforms such as Odyssey, Bitchute, Steam and above all on the social one network telegram, on which their channels are not deleted or blocked. And: You even earn money with Odyssey, like a short study by the think tank Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) Germany now shows the example of the company Odysee.

On the Odysee video platform, individual actors from the extreme right-wing and conspiracy ideological scene are already generating four-digit amounts with their presence in the social network,” said die Analyst and co-author Paula Matlach. Compared to the income from right-wing rock concerts or donations, these are small amounts. “And yet the scene is increasingly recognizing the potential of video platforms on which money can be earned through contributions. There is a risk that Platforms like Odyssey grow into a financial pillar of the extreme right and conspiracy ideologues,” Matlach emphasized."

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BREAKING: [SEVENTH DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 2022]. Racketeering allegations are developing against cryptocurrency companies LBRY, INC. and ODYSEE HOLDINGS, INC. that host the "COUNTER-LAWFARE" legal expert -- JASON "LAWFARE" GOODMAN.

"Sneaky" Goodman is infamous for his so-called judicial officer smear campaigns to steer litigation via coercion (see Judge Gershwin Drain in Detroit, Michigan).

The racketeering allegations center on Goodman's so-called fake "COUNTER LAWFARE" tactics that push coercive smear campaigns designed to inflict stress on Goodman's targets (see Richard Loury, Clerk of Court, federal court in Detroit, Michigan).


MEANWHILE, SDNY JUDGE VALERIE E. CAPRONI has dismissed yet another Jason Goodman racketeering-based fraudulent lawsuit against the Television Emmy Awards.


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The REUTERS article on ODYSEE HOLDINGS and LBRY, and their open endorsement of so-called "Pro-NAZI" video content, has apparently caused a firestorm of anti-Semitism allegations. Jason Goodman, a self-professed "New York City Jew" that "does not really practice my religion", apparently has no problem with the hate speech content.


" Odyssey is modeled on a marketplace. It is what is called an "Incentivized Platform". This means that users are offered financial incentives for certain interactions. Such an interaction is, for example, pressing the "Fire" button (approval) or the "Slime" button (rejection). In plain English this means: If you hang out a lot on the platform and click, you get money. For watching and rating videos, each user receives a tip in the form of the virtual currency LBRY credits. An in-house cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for US dollars or euros via trading platforms.

As is common with alternative currencies, Odyssey also states that it uses so-called blockchain technology. To put it simply, blockchain means that data is not stored on central servers like on YouTube, but in many different places. The crux of the matter: blockchain technology enables anonymous transactions and communication - a circumstance that also makes the technology attractive to criminals.

This is where those people who have a problem with supposed state censorship come into play: extremists and conspiracy ideologues. Because on Odyssey there is a place for all those whose videos were deleted on YouTube for violating the guidelines. But what exactly is on the site that was previously censored on YouTube?

On Odyssey you can find accounts and videos of the Russian propaganda channel RT, Martin Sellner (Identitarian Movement) and the so-called Corona Committee, which spreads conspiracy myths about an alleged Corona dictatorship. All these channels are blocked on Youtube, not on Odyssey.

The contact address of the company Odysee Inc. leads to Nevada in the USA. Actually, it probably belongs to the parent company LBRY Inc., which is based in New Hampshire. A company that is closely linked to the political current of libertarianism. The basic idea of ​​libertarianism: Individual freedom as the highest political good. The US Senate election in 2022 shows how politically charged the parent company of Odysee is. LBRY CEO Jeremy Kauffman is currently running for the Libertarian Party New Hampshire. He recently commented that LBRY Inc. will ensure that Odyssey never develops into a YouTube. "

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