[ALERT SDNY SPYING]: Judge Caproni back in the CrowdSource The house of mirrors

Updated: Mar 28

The public awaits the upcoming inquest into legal fees that "conspiracy theorist" Jason Goodman must pay the EMMY Television Awards as ordered by Judge Valerie E. Caproni. Some observers believe the total tab will reach to $250,000.00.


Confronted with the $250K legal expense tab, Jason Goodman has taken to offering new tote bags and coffee cups on his "CrowdSource The Truth" conspiracy channel. Some critics now call it "CrowdSource The $250K Legal Tab" channel.

Rumors are circulating that Judge Caproni will be left "hanging" when Goodman fails to file his March 22, 2022 list of all his lawsuits (aka "The Pestering List"). Some believe Goodman is afraid to tell Judge Caproni all the lawsuits he is presently involved with.

Goodman continues to swear that Judge Caproni is ineligible to fine him the attorney's fees and legal expenses as she was the cover-up artist that destroyed the evidence of the TWA flight 800 crash 25 years ago.

ABOVE: Artist rendition of TWA flight 800 crash

Judge Caproni has ordered Goodman to officially notify every court in which he is involved about his conduct in the EMMY Television Awards case, namely violating a protection order.

This is a tall order for "conspiracy theorist" Goodman.

ABOVE: Goodman's "guy pal" Charles Ortel, seen on a CrowdSource The $250K thumb nail. Rumors have circulated for years that no normal man would spend ten (10) hours a week with Goodman "making videos".



Southern District of New York

1:21-cv-10627-VEC Jason Goodman v. Adam Sharp et al, Valerie E. Caproni, presiding, Date filed: 12/13/2021

1:21-cv-10878-AT-JLC Jason Goodman v. George Sweigert and Chris Bouzy et al, Analisa Torres, presiding, Date filed: 12/19/2021

1:20-cv-07269-VEC The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Inc. et al v. Multimedia System Design, Inc., Valerie E. Caproni, presiding, Date filed: 09/04/2020 (aka EMMY Television Awards, aka $250K)

Eastern District of Michigan

2:22-cv-10002-GAD-KGA George Sweigert v. Goodman, Gershwin A. Drain, presiding, Date filed: 01/03/2022

2:20-cv-12933-GAD-KGA George Sweigert v. Cable News Network, Inc., Gershwin A. Drain, presiding, Date filed: 10/31/2020

Eastern District of Virginia

3:21-cv-00573-JAG Steele et al v. Goodman, John A. Gibney, Jr, presiding, Date filed: 09/28/2020

ABOVE: Jason Goodman seen above about to physically assault his rumored "guy pal" George Webb Sweigert (both are involved in lawsuits against each other). Judge Analisa Torres (SDNY) is presiding over the Jason Goodman v. George Webb "lawsuit".

ABOVE: George Webb gazing into the eyes of his beloved former business partner Jason Goodman (before Charles Ortel)

Live in Ukraine with Jason Goodman! - YouTube

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