[SDNY] George Webb's efforts to obtain Special Master for Trump explained in Atlanta federal court

Updated: Sep 9

BREAKING: George Webb has largely claimed responsibility for the appointment of a Special Master to oversee the classification of evidence obtained via F.B.I. search warrant against the former president.

George Webb explained to Stew Peters last week that he had worked with "dozens of people on the ground" to influence the request for a Special Master. All this has taken place while a scandal has erupted about George Webb's former "girl friend" and Donie O'Sullivan of C.N.N. Donie O'Sullivan graduated from Queen's University Belfast, Ireland.



George Webb reveals possible criminal fake news racketeering network possibly involving C.N.N.'s Donie O'Sullivan, George Webb's ex-girl friend "DEEP NSA" aka "Corean BBQ", "professional victim" Matt Benassi (an Air Force retired officer) and Jason Goodman, creepy stalker in New York City.

C.N.N. does appear to be in some kind of panic mode over the presumed relationships amongst the parties discussed above. These allegations could lead to charges of racketeering related to personal smear campaigns possibly engineered by Jason "Creepy" Goodman (the Pied Piper of the Port of Charleston "dirty bomb hoax").

At issue are social media smear campaigns directed at judicial officers, such as the Magistrate Judge in the F.B.I. search warrant debacle in the federal court serving Southern Florida. Many believe that such social media smear campaigns smack of coercion and extortion (a predicate act of racketeering).

ABOVE: Artist rendition of the love affair between George Webb and Corean "BBQ" Stoughton (Fort Meade, Maryland).


Many Internet observers believe that the Port of Charleston "dirty bomb hoax" (6/14/2017) was a staged news hoax to help the career of C.N.N. reporter Donie O'Sullivan (who received an EMMY Award for that coverage). This was GEORGE WEBB number one, and involved the same players: Donie O'Sullivan, Corean BBQ and Jason Goodman.

Lightening then struck twice with a so-called staged news article about Maatje Bennassi as "PATIENT ZERO", again by Donie O'Sullivan in 2020. Again, the same players are involved. This is GEORGE WEBB number two.

In fact, Senator Mark Warner of Virginia personally intervened in the Bennassi affair to have George Webb kicked off YouTube and PATREON. Evidence of Jason "Creepy" Goodman's involvement in these events remains somewhat murky.

ABOVE: Excerpt of C.N.N.. news reports by Donie O'Sullivan during the Bennassi "PATIENT ZERO" mess.

"Donie O'Sullivan emails: Virginia Senator Mark Warner blasted YouTube on Tuesday after a CNN report Monday detailed how a US Army reservist in Virginia had become the target of conspiracy theorists falsely putting her at the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Warner's office reached out to YouTube on Monday asking why the company hadn't taken down all the videos targeting the woman.

YouTube told CNN Monday that it had taken down videos from conspiracy theorist George Webb's YouTube channel targeting Maatje Benassi, the US Army reservist. Warned told CNN Tuesday, "This shouldn't be something that requires attention from a major news network and a U.S. Senator to fix."

"It's clear that the blanket grant of immunity for sites like YouTube has resulted in platforms that are too big and unresponsive to the harms they promote," he added, saying Congress need to act. YouTube said it will continue monitoring Webb's YouTube channel."


In a federal lawsuit filed by George Webb in Atlanta, Georgia, Webb all but calls out the U.S. Air Force as working covertly to manufacture news with the help of C.N.N. Questions swirl concerning the involvement of the Secretary of the Air Force.

ABOVE: Artist rendition of the pending alleged racketeering violations to be filed against George Webb, ex-girl friend Corean BBQ Stoughton, Jason Goodman (Stoughton's handler and/or informant).

ABOVE: Artist rendition of patsy George Webb pushing back F.B.I. agents in Zanesville, Ohio on June 15, 2017, concerning the Port of Charleston "dirty bomb hoax" executed by Jason Goodman (CNN Donie O'Sullivan reporting from CNN).


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