[SDNY] Federal Judge Valerie E. Caproni throws Jason Goodman's lawsuit in the trash bin

Updated: Jul 14

BREAKING: "Counter Lawfare" guru Jason "Karen" Goodman has had yet another frivolous federal lawsuit dismissed by Judge Valerie E. Caproni.

How ironic. The alleged malignant narcissist had just spent one hour railing against Adam Sharp of the EMMY Awards on his conspiracy show to a few hundred people. Then suddenly, a new order from Judge Valerie E. Caproni who has described Goodman as a persona that "traffics in conspiracy theories" that "sounds like Q-Anon".

Jason "Karen" Goodman is a sick person that needs counseling and treatment, most observers believe. Goodman must live with the specter of Hollywood parties that may have had under aged actors in attendance. Some believe Jason may have taken some party liberties with the young guests. See the documentary "An Open Secret" by Gabe Hoffman.

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ABOVE: Artist rendition of Kason Goodman losing yet another lawsuit, even though he is a legal expert at "COUNTER LAWFARE".


ABOVE: Jason "Karen" Goodman once used to hob knob with big stars like Kevin Sorbo in the evil land of Southern California. Questions remain about his Hollywood connections.

ABOVE: Accused rapist (see Goodman v. Bouzy) appears to be taking aim at the next sexual victim he might be pondering.

ABOVE: This curious scene is from a typical screaming rant on the streets of New York City (gag) in Chelsea. Goodman is seen screaming at people near his home at the 270th block of 7th Avenue. Goodman may be mentally ill.

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