SDNY FBI judge gives Jason Goodman third bite at the apple -- Port of Charleston a conspiracy theory


Conspiracy theorist Jason Goodman has been given yet another attempt to fashion some kind of legal claim in his Southern District of New York (SDNY) defamation, slander and libel lawsuit against him.

In her 08/03/2020 order (docket 140) former chief counsel of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) judge Hon. Valeria Capronia has given New York University film school attendee another try. This will be Goodman's third attempt to put something -- anything -- together for the SDNY court prior to August 31, 2020.

Internet observers will recall that Jason Goodman, side-kick of Larry Klayman (presently under a 90 day suspension of his law license), filed his first "Counter-Claim" (CC) against the plaintiff on 10/22/2018 (docket 44). That CC was dismissed by order from Caproni on 08/20/19 (docket 87).

The former FBI chief counsel judge then allowed Goodman to file another CC on 12/05/2019, which her honor dismissed by order on 08/03/2020 (docket 140). She then gave poor Jason Goodman a THIRD attempt to file prior to 08/31/2020.

In her order of 08/03/2020 (docket 140) Caproni more or less glosses over any issues raised by the plaintiff as conspiracy theories, including the infamous "dirty bomb hoax" at the Port of Charleston, S.C. on June 14, 2017.

Apparently, the Port of Charleston "dirty bomb hoax" is just another garden variety conspiracy theory -- much like the supposed drone attack on the Port of Neches pushed by other Internet trolls and "propaganda ghouls".

Jason Goodman has certainly earned his label as "conspiracy theorist" by the federal judge, considering the company he keeps. Here is a short list:

QUINN MICHAELS (multiple visits, hospital bed side)

FIELD McCONNELL (visited his home in Wisconsin)




GEORGE WEBB (former room-mate for three months)

MICHAEL BARDEN (visited his home in Mesa, Arizona)

MARCUS CONTE (famous psychic, satanist recovering from drug addition)

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