[SDNY] Virginia court rules against Jason Goodman, Robert David Steele lawsuit moves forward

Updated: Oct 21

BREAKING: SIXTEENTH DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 2022. The Robert David Steele lawsuit in the Eastern District of Virginia will proceed ahead according to a federal judge.

Jason Goodman's narcissistic personality drives his usual "kitchen sink" legal approach to Motions to Dismiss. This time his judicial gamesmanship has yielded him a flat denial from the judge.

More court appearances for Crazy "turd" Goodman in his future.

ABOVE: 50 something Crazy Goodman displaying his narcissistic personality.



BREAKING: THIRTEENTH DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 2022. George Webb filed bombshell legal documents in his legal action against the Cable News Network (C.N.N.) and reporter Donie O'Sullivan.

Internet rumors indicate Donie O'Sullivan maintained contact with the "Navy wife stalker", aka DEEP NSA "COREAN BBQ" (who lives next to Fort Meade, Maryland), to obtain information for a story on George Webb.

Apparently, the "PATIENT ZERO" C.N.N. Wuhan Military Games broadcast (April 2020) concerned an Army Reservist that trains at Fort Meade, Maryland (home of the National Security Agency). C.N.N. involved U.S. Senator Mark Warner (Virginia) in an effort to have George Webb's YouTube terminated.

George Webb was accused of falsely blaming the Army reservist cyclist as being PATIENT ZERO of the COVID-19 virus.

Crazy Jason Goodman maintained a liaison with DEEP NSA, COREAN BBQ and it has been reported that COREAN BBQ had a liaison with PATIENT ZERO.

ABOVE: George Webb claims Maatje Benassi was patient zero. Her husband is some kind of U.S. Air Force civilian employee and C.N.N. consultant.



BREAKING: TWELFTH DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 2022. New court documents filed in Robert David Steele v. Jason Goodman reveal that Crazy Goodman may have lied to SDNY Judge Valerie E. Caproni in multiple actions -- including EMMY Awards vs. Goodman's company (M.S.D.I.). This could mean hard jail time for the loud-mouth conspiracy theorist who appears to be hated by cyclists and skate-boarders in New York City.

Such behavior does not surprise many Internet observers that believe Goodman is a chronic liar with a predatory personality. Some see Crazy Goodman as a pathetic deception merchant that attempts to display credibility to the dupes that send him thousands of dollars a month via PATREON (resource extraction).

The widow of Robert David Steele has apparently assumed the defamation action against Crazy Goodman. On September 6, 2022 new documents were filed in the Court (Eastern District of Virginia) listing dozens of allegedly defamatory video products (which Crazy Goodman reported were "deleted by YouTube" on YouTube in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

All the video addresses, when clicked, redirect to pages that these videos are set on PRIVATE status, indicating that the "deleted videos" remained intact and that Crazy Goodman may have lied to Judge Valerie E. Caproni.

ABOVE: Apparently Crazy "turd" Goodman said he had no access to the above videos in previous SDNY legal actions. In fact, some say that what Crazy Goodman did is tantamount to "fraud on the court" and misleading a federal judge (Judge Valerie E. Caproni).

According to apparent chronic liar Goodman such conduct could be a felony criminal charge (see Detroit Michigan and Judge Gershwin Drain, federal court). Goodman accused Webb of felony fraud on the court in Detroit, now the shoe is reversed.

In his latest video on ODYSEE HOLDINGS (the platform that tolerates neo-NAZIs and Holocaust deniers) Crazy Goodman has railed against a "hypothetical judge" who is smelly, fat, a troll and wants to wreck people's lives. Most believe he was describing Judge Caproni, who has ruled against Crazy Goodman in at least two (2) SDNY lawsuits.

Meanwhile, allegations concerning racketeering orbit Crazy Goodman's video series "COUNTER LAWFARE" which seeks funds for legal expenses.

ABOVE: Crazy "turd" Goodman (presumed chronic liar) stalking George Webb in Washington, D.C. Goodman struck Webb in the hip and claimed it was some sort of accident as he briskly walked away in a most cowardly fashion.



Crazy Goodman (self professed "New York City Jew", or NYCJ) lectures his audience, yet again, about a skateboarder on the side walk. In the 9/12/2022 video Crazy Goodman screams "get off the skateboard -- you scumbag -- f_cking assh_le !).

ABOVE: Crazy Goodman rants against the EMMY Awards as he has lost two (2) legal actions in the S.D.N.Y. involving the EMMY Awards.

ABOVE: Artist conception of Crazy "turd" Goodman acting the "Karen" in society. "NO SKATEBOARD FOR YOU!!" This would make the apparent chronic liar Goodman the skateboard Nazi.


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