RICO rumors floating near the Virginia lawsuit troupe of players that sued Jason Goodman

Updated: Sep 30, 2020


Jason Goodman has again taken to the streets of the Chelsea neighborhood to walk to the federal courthouse Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.). As usual the alleged "prince of counter-lawfare" is soliciting funds on his conspiracy podcasts for his New York state chartered corporation" Multimedia Systems Design, Inc.

Above: Jason Goodman apparently "stalking" George Webb in Washington, D.C.

Observers will recall the eerie comments Jason Goodman has made about one-time side-kick (SETH RICH FILES) Manuel Chavez, III, including "you don't know me". Then there is the mysterious phone call to Chavez by Goodman in June 2019 discussing evidence and e-mail messages.

Meanwhile, events continue to develop with the apparent Virginia State Bar investigation directed at the attorney of Robert David Steele, plaintiff in a new federal action against Goodman. This is a re-filing of a lawsuit that languished for three years in Richmond, Virginia and led to over 200 docket entries.

The Virginia State Bar investigation appears to be related the alleged payments from the wife of the attorney (Tanya "Tucker" Cornwell) and Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada (who recently admitted to publicly labeling someone a pedophile with zero evidence).

Many will recall that Robert David Steele has filed a new lawsuit against Jason Goodman in the ALEXANDRIA, Virginia division of the federal court. See case no. 1:20-cv-01140-RDA-IDD Steele et al v. Goodman, Rossie D. Alston, Jr, presiding.


Jason Goodman had entered into evidence a so-called 1,256 pages of e-mail messages transmitted to Goodman by Manuel Chavez, III. These messages were presented to the federal judge in the previous 3-year Robert David Steele lawsuit, which seemed to be the catalyst for an immediate 60-day stay of proceedings.

Observers are curious how much of the e-mail evidence has been sent to the Virginia State Bar. Certainly the alleged "smoking gun" e-mail message that purports to show Tanya "Tucker" Cornwell send Manuel Chavez, III $1,500.00. Nearly at the same time Ms. Cornwell apparently drafted a slander and libel complaint against Jason Goodman to be filed by Chavez in the courts of Arizona.

Above: message allegedly concerns cash pay-offs from SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES, LLC (a Chavez - Thomas Schoenberger enterprise related to Edward Butowsky and several FOX NEWS lawsuits).

See: 1:18-cv-02223-GBD-SN Rich et al v. Fox News Network LLC et al, George B. Daniels, presiding. Latest court document below (Magistrate's Report and Recommendation).

Download PDF • 3.48MB

Above: Alleged message from Robert David Steele's attorney to Manuel Chavez, III (Manny)

Above: Manuel Chavez, III disavows "his attorney"

Above: "The Tanya" provides "DEFANGO" a $50.00 "super chat" in the Chavez podcast.

Above: Alleged wire transfer of "the Tanya" for $600.00.

Above: typical e-mail exchange between Chavez and Steele during the first few months of the 3-year lawsuit.

Above: Jason Goodman requesting documents from Manuel Chavez, III

Above: "DEFANGO" interviews Virginia lawsuit plaintiff Robert David Steele


Above: Jason Goodman (the counter-lawfare prince) apparently breaking New York Civil Rights Law section 50 and 51 (see display of "Bay of Pigs" photo of Manuel Chavez, III)


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