Patrick Bergy becomes "ShadowNet" sock puppet account expert witness in the Jason Goodman lawsuit

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Above: Former Private First Class Patrick Bergy (seen in "Shadow Gate")


The "40 year old private first class (PFC)" Patrick Bergy (supposed Internet side-kick of George Webb (Sweigert) and Jason Goodman) is the latest figure to become embroiled in the slander, defamation and libel lawsuit against Mr. Goodman and his commercial enterprise "CrowdSource The Truth" in the New York City federal court (S.D.N.Y.).

Bergy was the key "witness" in an InfoWars related documentary entitled "Shadow Gate", produced by Millie Weaver, that implicated Roger Stone in an "information warfare" cartel. PFC Bergy is a supposed whistle blower that had access to secret cyber warfare tools developed by the defense aerospace firm Dynology Corporation.

Initial developments in the Millie Weaver August 14, 2020 arrest in Diamond, Ohio (purportedly in retaliation for the release of the documentary "Shadow Gate") have created a cloud of questions that have snarled Bergy, Webb and Goodman in a new conspiracy theory. Many ask what roles George Webb and Jason Goodman had in engineering Bergy's filmed testimony.

"Is a ‘Shadow Government’ Seeking a Coup Against President Trump?

A documentary produced by InfoWars correspondent Millie Weaver titled ShadowGate was released and went viral this week. The video has been taken off of many platforms, but continues to appear online on websites including Facebook. The video covers a wide range of topics and conspiracy theories during its 1 hour and 24 minutes running time. .. a number of claims that Weaver and her sources make are contradicted by readily available evidence, and some items offered as evidence of conspiracy are misinterpreted or misrepresented."

New revelations indicate that the lion's share of allegations contained within the movie "Shadow Gate" (produced by Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones of InfoWars) have also been documented in a qui tam False Claims Act (FCA) lawsuit filed by Bergy with the Fraud Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Dynology Corporation is one of the qui tam defendants.

Such lawsuits are filed "under seal" (en camera) to allow the DoJ to quietly investigate the allegations without "tipping off" the defendants. Such "tip offs" might lead to the destruction of evidence by FCA qui tam defendants. This has fueled rumors that Dynology Corporation may have engineered the Bergy appearance in the film to sabotage the lawsuit and squelch any investigation.

Public disclosures of the contents of a FCA qui tam lawsuit essentially nullify and neutralize any on-going investigation by the DoJ related to the allegations of the qui tam lawsuit. Essentially, the same allegations apparently are included in the FCA lawsuit and the movie "Shadow Gate". Some believe that George Webb orchestrated the filing of the qui tam lawsuit by manipulating Bergy as an expendable stooge.

New Internet rumors indicate that conspiracy theorists George Webb and Jason Goodman may have allegedly conducted interviews with Patrick Bergy to create publicity around the allegations contained in the movie "Shadow Gate" and the qui tam case (any kind of publicity about the contents of a SEALED qui tam lawsuit neutralizes the investigation of the Commercial Litigation Section of the DoJ's Fraud Division).

Some speculate the Fraud Division of the DoJ may have arranged the "trumped up arrest" of Millie Weaver on August 14th, 2020 in Portage County, Ohio to protect the SEALED confidentiality of their qui tam investigation and prevent the mass release of the "documentary". However, the George Webb - Bergy stooge theory seems more plausible. The involvement of Jason Goodman (former friend of Webb) in the scheme also remains a speculative open question.

"The claim: Government contractors form a "shadow government" responsible for an anti-Trump plot, orchestrating global events

This past weekend, a conspiracy theory-laden video, “What they don't want you to see,” was posted across social media platforms, racking up millions of views in a matter of days.

The video opens with the title image "ShadowGate," the title which InfoWars correspondent Millie Weaver advertised the project as on her website on August 3.

The nearly 90-minute video rife with disinformation was produced by Weaver. Weaver was recently arrested alongside her boyfriend after being indicted by an Ohio grand jury on charges of robbery, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, and domestic violence, according to Fox News."

It would appear that Patrick Bergy has made legally moot his own FCA lawsuit which parallels the Shadow Gate allegations, with the supposed help of George Webb and Jason Goodman.

Also, there are questions if a pro se (non-attorney) whistle blower can even sustain an action as a qui tam plaintiff if the DoJ declines the case.



Patrick Bergy will now be made a witness in the Jason Goodman libel, defamation and slander lawsuit in the SDNY, along side with George Webb's ex-girlfriend "Deep NSA", aka Corean BBQ, daughter of a major deep state intelligence contractor worth millions in the Fort Meade, Maryland vicinity.

"Deep NSA" was recently "outed" by Jason Goodman as his source for information on George Webb. Apparently, Corean BBQ was Webb's girlfriend in a semi "live in" arrangement for 14 months in Maryland, a few miles from Fort Meade (home of the U.S. National Security Agency). Webb and Deep NSA took sailing classes together in Annapolis, Maryland and were about to lease a high-end townhouse before the relationship became troubled when Webb moved in to his new arrangement in Cobb Island, Maryland (see John O'Loughlin of "McDuff - Kennedy's Man").


Many Internet observers will recall that the presiding judge of the Jason Goodman libel, slander and defamation lawsuit is a former member of the Intelligence Community, having acted as the Chief Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) under Robert S. Mueller, III for eight (8) years.

A filing docketed today in the S.D.N.Y. Clerk's office is missing a key "Memorandum of Law" that accompanied a "Notice of Motion". Below appears the Clerk's docketed "Notice of Motion" and the Plaintiff's "Memo of Law" -- which remains undocketed.

Many speculate the "Memo of Law" remains undocketed for the same reasons as the sixty (60) day freeze (stay of proceedings) in the Goodman Virginia slander, libel and defamation lawsuit.

08/18/2020 141 NOTICE OF MOTION PURS. TO FRCP RULE 59(e) TO ALTER OR AMEND THE COURT'S ORDER OF 8/3/20(DOC. 140), re: for Reconsideration of re: 140 Order on Motion to Dismiss, Order on Motion to Amend/Correct.

Download PDF • 53KB

goodman-slander-libel-lawsuit - Copy
Download PDF • 1.27MB

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Four hours after the release of this article and subsequent notifications to the S.D.N.Y. (via Twitter) the correct pleading was placed on the docket (see below).

Download PDF • 827KB

Some Internet observers will recall that the other slander, defamation libel lawsuit filed against Jason Goodman by Robert David Steele (see Richmond, Virginia federal court) is now under an emergency sixty (60) day "stay" or "freeze" after 1,256 pages of e-mail messages from Manuel Chavez, III to Robert David Steele and his associates were turned over to the presiding judge in that lawsuit. Steele v. Goodman, Civil Action No. 3:17cv601 (E.D. Va. Jul. 25, 2019)


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