Jason Goodman embroiled in Washington state police "wiretapping" incident with "gematria" YouTuber

Updated: Dec 5, 2020


Roger Stone and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, USA (ret.) are back at the "martial law" broadcasting narrative. Both men have faced federal charges, both have been pardoned by the Executive Office of the President and both are no stranger to Jason Goodman, the so-called "prince of counter lawfare".

Jason Goodman, believed to be a conspiracy theorist by at least one federal judge, operates the political social media network CrowdSource The Truth which is closely aligned with several major alt-right players:

Sidney Powell attorney to Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, U.S.A. (ret.), etc., Larry Klayman, Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD, Robyn Gritz, former FBI aide to Gen. Flynn, etc.

Dec 02, 2020

Has Donald Trump Just Called for the Second American Revolution? With Special Guest Larry Klayman

As the mainstream media and even Trump's own AG continue to count President Trump out, Larry Klayman detects a low key Presidential call for revolution.


Click below for federal court document

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It appears a lawsuit from the EMMYs wasn't enough for Hollywood cyber "slip and fall" artist and wannabe conspiracy theorist Jason Goodman (Chelsea section of Manhattan). Now the so-called "prince of counter lawfare" is inviting a lawsuit from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (OSACARs). Apparently Mr. Goodman wants a war with Hollywood.

Most Internet observers recall that Jason Goodman worked with Bryan Singer to create a full length motion picture. Later Mr. Singer was part of the subject matter in the film "An Open Secret" that allegedly exposed the seedy underside of Hollywood pedophile cartels.

Internet rumors have circulated for years that Jason Goodman may have been involved in Mr. Singer's extracurricular activities more than what Goodman allows people to believe. It remains an eerie mystery.

Above: Papa razzi wannabe Jason Goodman

Above: Jason Goodman allegedly reports YouTuber Zack Hubbard to Washington state police for a privacy violation, aka wiretapping

Then there was the whole "TINDER dates" snafu with Jason Goodman's best buddy and room-mate George Webb. Two videos published by Goodman also contained disturbing content about (1) a supposed cache of 500 sexual X-rated photos of Goodman on his laptop "that would make Anthony Weiner blush" and (2) the warning to the public that a hacker may have allegedly acquired a video of Goodman masturbating.

Above: Jason Goodman's latest "knock this rock off my shoulder" tempting of the OSCARS

Newest court order for Jason Goodman (click below)

Download PDF • 181KB

Above: Jason Goodman becomes unhinged on call-in show


Many observers point to recent litigation filed against the OSCARs (the Academy) in July, 2020. The OSCAR's lawsuit filed by the 75 year old executive producer of "Erin Brockovich" claims that the Academy has lost touch with youthful audiences and social media.

Television ratings for the most recent Academy Awards plunged 31 percent among viewers 18 to 49 compared with the previous year, according to Nielsen data.

A massive reminder of the dark corners of Hollywood is Amy Berg’s documentary, An Open Secret which addresses sexual exploitation of underage boys at the hands of film executives, directors, and producers. An Open Secret made its debut in silence, receiving zero offers for distribution.

Among those named in An Open Secret was acclaimed director Bryan Singer, who is accused of having sex with several minors. Many have pointed to An Open Secret’s muffled release as a response from Hollywood to silence the film’s message.

Some observers speculate that Jason Goodman may be inviting lawsuits with so-called "dinosaur" institutions like the EMMYs and the OSCARs as Goodman believes he can "strike back" as he possesses the "social media card" with his Crowdsource The Truth conspiracy channels.

Above: Jason Goodman (back in the day) when he operated his "21st Century 3D" from his Los Angeles, California apartment



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