Manuel Chavez, III, linked to Beth Bogaerts' Cicada 3301 fraud lawsuit, new documents reveal

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Above: Apparently lawsuit plaintiff Beth Bogaerts from a self-portrait to her Twitter account on November 7, 2018. Apparently the "money" behind ShadowBox Strategies (see court documents below).


Manual Chavez, III, Carson City, Nevada, seems to be back into the "conspiracy theory" news with new revelations in a civil lawsuit pending in the County of Los Angeles (see Beth Bogarts, aka "The well traveled Fox", plaintiff).

Beth Bogaerts is listed on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office registration for Cicada 3301.

In yet another civil fraud lawsuit (Cicada 3301), Chavez, aka "DEFANGO", has signed statements under oath concerning his relationship with a gang of characters to include Thomas Schoenberger, Provo, Utah and Trevor Fitzgibbon, Bel Air, Maryland.

Most Internet observers recall other lawsuits that involved Manuel Chavez, III. The recent dust-up over payments sent to DEFANGO by the alleged wife of attorney Steve S. Biss, esq.

Caveat: Biss is the former attorney to David Seaman "pedophile researcher". Apparently Seaman provided Biss with the alleged amount of $35,000 to sue Twitter (a case removed to California after initial filing in Virginia).

The video below will refresh the memories of those Internet researchers that follow the saga of DEFANGO communicating with Jason Goodman of CrowdSource The Truth.

Above: Discussion between Jason Goodman and Manuel Chavez, III about the wife of Steven S. Biss, esq.

Above: Manuel Chavez, III aka "DEFANGO"


Meanwhile, apparently Thomas Schoenberger owes an ANSWER to the Superior Court of Los Angles County in the matter of case no. 20STCV10636, BETH BOGAERTS vs. THOMAS SCHOENBERGER, TREVOR FITZGIBBON, MANUEL CHAVEZ, MICHAEL LEVINE, etc.

Recent Chavez testimony 08/26/2020 (click below)

Download PDF • 168KB

Judge's latest order of 09/09/2020 (click below)

Download PDF • 2.71MB

Beth Bogaerts declaration (89 pages)

Download PDF • 8.13MB

Original complaint (click below)

Download PDF • 242KB

Above: Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada


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