LAWFARE UPDATE: Manuel Chavez, III facing state racketeering lawsuit in Nevada

Updated: Oct 6, 2020


Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada appears to be the latest YouTube personality to be challenged over his practice of labeling innocent parties with the term "pedophile". Manny Chavez, III is also known as "DEFANGO" on a social media empire that spans almost a dozen platforms.

Rumor has it that "DEFANGO" is now flirting with a racketeering lawsuit to be brought in Nevada state court regarding these alleged Chavez "smear campaigns". Even more troubling is the constant flow of electronic payments from someone known as Tanya Tucker a supposed spouse of the attorney representing Robert David Steele.

Manuel Chavez, III, aka "DEFANGO", was the central figure in questionable exchanges between himself, Robert David Steele, his attorney, the attorney's wife and the attorney's brother-in-law. These activities were extensively detailed in lawsuits involving Jason Goodman of the conspiracy social media properties known as "CROWDSOURCE THE TRUTH".

Apparently "DEFANGO" had relationships with Trevor Firzgibbon, Edward Butowsky, Thomas Schoenberger and others that seem to be interrelated to the Virginia attorney known as Steven S. Biss, esq. (presently suing Jason Goodman).

Above: Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada

Right-Wing Activists Discussed Wiretapping Seth Rich’s Family, Three People in the Room Say

The group that gathered at Butowsky’s home included a conspiracy theorist, a Fox reporter fighting for her career, a former private intelligence contractor married to star journalist Lara Logan, and a Democratic PR operative who lost his business in the face of sexual-assault allegations. The group also included Thomas Schoenberger and Manuel “Defango” Chavez, two notorious internet provocateurs who had recently launched a self-proclaimed “elite” company that promised to use bots and sow “targeted chaos” to defend its clients online.

According to some attendees, the solutions discussed at the September get-together went to extremes. Three people who attended the gathering said the group even discussed the possibility of wiretapping and surveilling Rich’s grieving parents.

In a sworn deposition last year, Schoenberger claims Butowsky wanted to “hear a pin drop” in the Rich’s Omaha, Nebraska, kitchen.

“They wanted it to the point where they can listen to every room and hear discussions,” Schoenberger said in a sworn deposition last year about the gathering. “They literally wanted ears in every room.”

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With all the commotion swirling Manuel Chavez, III many Internet observers may have forgotten about the pending bar complaint orbiting Robert David Steele's attorney -- Steven S. Biss, esq.

Court documents sent to the VSB, click below:

Allegations of violations of professional code of conduct:

Download PDF • 1.04MB

Complaint drafted for Manuel Chavez, III by Steven S. Biss, esq. (to be filed in the Arizona courts).

Download PDF • 1.59MB

Complaint filed for Timothy Holmseth by Steve S. Biss, esq (exhibit)

Download PDF • 1.45MB

E-mail offering Manuel Chavez, III a "percentage"

Download PDF • 48KB

Tanya "Tucker" Cornwell advised "DEFANGO" he can get "$500,000" in a lawsuit against Jason Goodman

Download PDF • 75KB


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