Closing in on parody by Jason Goodman, the prince of counter-lawfare, at CrowdSource The Truth


Today the unthinkable happened! The public court docket of the Southern District of New York docketed no. 155 in the Jason Goodman business deception, civil rights and invasion of privacy lawsuit. Jason Goodman DID NOT deny the use of fake "comments", "likes", subscribers, sock puppet accounts and Twitter bots.

Yesterday's podcast fanfare featured a celebrant Goodman skipping all the way from the Chelsea neighborhood to 500 Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan. Jason was anxious to stand in line with the homeless wrecks and file his important pro se documents that could be (as YouTuber Marcus Conte would describe) a "death blow" to the lawsuit.

Above: "Death Blow" Marcus Conte, having filed his second complaint for abuse by the Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center

Goodman filed his ONE page "POST*IT notes" legal ANSWER to the pending Supplemental Complaint on 9/30/2020 (under the magistrate judge's orders).

This latest act of hopelessness seems like Jason Goodman's attempt to apparently allow the tide to just take him out to sea and away from the current shipwreck of his business, "CrowdSource The Truth".

The ONE page scorn filled pleading will most likely prove not to be persuasive to Valerie E. Caproni, the presiding judge in the matter.

Above: Honorable Judge Valerie E. Caproni appears to be discussing the ill-fate ship the M/V MEMPHIS MAERSK.

Click below for latest court document

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Now that Jason Goodman has not denied the use of these fake likes/subs/comments/socks/bots the door is apparently beginning to swing open to allow the hushed rumors of the Dark Internet to seep out into the light of day.

Allegedly dozens of insiders knew all along, that Jason Goodman employed fake likes/subs/comments/socks/bots. Today, of all days, was the time for Jason to deny these charges; however, the denial would not fit on the one page "POST*IT note" PLEADING.

Meanwhile, New York state Attorney General Tish James has a complaint sitting in her office against the infamous Jason Goodman.

Ms. James (NYAG) claims that using fake likes/subs/comments/socks/bots are illegal when used to create artificially inflated social media presence. She claims such conduct violates New York general Business Law (NYGBL) section 349 and 350.

Goodman did little with his "one page POST*IT note" to slow down the runaway express train of momentum boiling to a critical mass in Albany, New York. In fact, the pleading was a "green light" to the NYAG to apparently "bring it on".

Above: NYAG Tish James appears to be hovering as a "MOCKING BIRD" over Jason Goodman. Mocking birds are all too familiar to Judge Valerie E. Caproni.

Above: Recent video of alt-right extremist Alex Jones discussing the "blood thirsty" Tish James with Jason Goodman.


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