[ALERT:] TWA 800 mystery still orbits SDNY Judge Valerie E. Caproni, 230 people dead 25 years ago

Updated: Jul 24, 2021


Above: TWA 800 explodes over New York in July 1996. Valerie E. Caproni (then U.S. Attorney) was put in charge of some kind of -- as Jason Goodman alleged -- "cover-up" of the investigation. Some believe that TWA 800 was "shot down" by the U.S. Navy that thought it was a UFO. This has not yet been confirmed by UFO expert Larry Klayman.

Others suggest that Robert S. Mueller, III (a traitor according to Jason Goodman and Robert David Steele) hand-picked Valerie E. Caproni to cover-up the 911 World Trade Center investigation while she was Chief Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Above: Artist rendition of Robert S. Mueller, III asking "fellow traitor" Valerie E. Caproni to "cover-up" the 911 WTC investigation. See Jason Goodman for complete story line (interview with Robert David Steele).

Above: Judge Caproni had better watch it now that Jason "Citizens Grand Jury" Goodman is on to her tricks and games.

Above: So-called "domestic stochastic terrorist" Jason Goodman poses in his homo-erotic "superman" costume to put tyrants on notice.

Above: Hopefully Jason Goodman is not thinking "Hey Judge Caproni look over here".

Above: Judge Valerie E. Caproni now under attack by Jason Goodman over the TWA 800 affair. Watch out for Larry "Hal Turner" Klayman your honor. Will the judge begin carrying a concealed weapon?


Now Larry (see ex-wife allegations of "inappropriateness with his children") Klayman is involved in another lawsuit against the F.B.I. (as a ghost writer) on behalf of yet another "poor little ole me" ("holster sniffer") Hollywood actor who was involved in the 01/06/2021 Q Anon attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol.

This time it is a NetFlix "African American" alleged "holster sniffer" who poses as federal agents on television crime shows (NCIS, SWAT, etc.). This "holster sniffer" is also a Larry Klayman favorite and appeared on CrowdSource The Truth.

Massaquoi most recently appeared in two episodes of Ryan Murphy‘s super queer Netflix series Ratched, playing a priest named Father Adeyemi. His other credits include TV shows like NCIS ,Lethal Weapon, and S.W.A.T., plus several appearances in short films.

It is undetermined if Larry Klayman will try and intimidate the federal judge in the "Poor Little Ole Me" case against the F.B.I. The "Poor Little Ole (P.L.O.) me" lawsuit was filed in California where Larry "UFO" Klayman can not practice law (ghost writer).

Larry Klayman seems to be catering to P.L.O. me "holster sniffers" to dredge guests on the dying CrowdSource The Truth show (a favorite in New York City nursing homes after 8 p.m.).

Above: Artist rendition of F.B.I. raid on some Hollywood B-list actor, another anti-vaxxer "quack" defendant of Larry "blood of tyrants" Klayman.

Stunt Litigation HQ -- Postal Place 269 S Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, CA

Above: Seems like P.O.L. me is telling his story to the Larry "Hal Turner" Klayman Philadelphia "bigot round-up" July 5th, 2021 on CrowdSource The Truth.




Above: Larry Klayman loses another so-called "fake lawsuit" in the Southern District of New (S.D.N.Y.) for Judge Roy Moore (watch out for a "Citizens Grand Jury" writ of execution)


As if holding a beach ball underwater, Larry Klayman has been hiding his recent humiliating loss to Alex Jones in Klayman vs. INFOWARS from the curiosity seekers looking at Roy Moore v. Showtime.

Fortunately, no judges were harmed by Larry "Hal Turner" Klayman -- this time. But, what happens when the UFO expert Turner/Klayman becomes "violent" (like his ex-wife's accusations suggest).

That's why more federal judges are carrying concealed weapons, aka "holster sniffers".

Above: Artist rendition of UFO expert Larry Klayman after his INFOWARS lawsuit defeat.

Above: The famous line often quoted by alleged "holster snuffer" Larry Klayman.




"Moore alleged that Baron Cohen defamed him. He and his wife, Kayla Moore, also alleged intentional infliction of emotional distress and fraud.

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed the case on Tuesday after agreeing with the defendants that because Moore had signed a waiver before the interview, and because of First Amendment protection, Moore’s claims were barred. Judge John P. Cronan, an appointee of President Donald Trump, dismissed the claims by both Moore and his wife.

Larry Klayman, Moore’s attorney, filed notice that his client intended to appeal Tuesday’s decision."


"To be specific, Moore, who faced an avalanche of allegations of sexual misconduct with minors during his unsuccessful 2017 Senate bid, alleged in his initial September 2018 filing that his signature on a release “was obtained through fraud” and therefore “void and inoperative.” Moore also made it pretty obvious that he was not at all amused by the self-described pedophile detecting instrument that a disguised Cohen kept moving his way to louder beeps in the interview.

Citing the same release the Larry Klayman-represented Moore had in fact signed, the Borat star disagreed with the contract interpretation. Following a dust-up over jurisdiction, the matter went from D.C. District Court to New York federal court — and that’s where it ended today, kind of."


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