Jason Goodman takes to e-begging to raise EMMY lawsuit attorneys fees -- $5,000 tote bag anyone?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

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Fresh from his "bro-mance" interview with Alex Jones, Jason Goodman is allegedly e-begging for attorneys fees in the EMMY Award trademark lawsuit. Goodman, "CEO" of Multimedia Systems Design, Inc. (MSDI), is the defendant in the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.) lawsuit before presiding judge Hon. Valerie E. Caproni.

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Above: Judge Valerie E. Caproni, presiding over two Jason Goodman libel cases (the EMMY Award libel case and the so-called Port of Charleston libel case).


Above: The ghost of the Memphis Maersk may haunt the S.D.N.Y. courtroom on 10/30/2020

Above: CrowdSource The Truth now has a "Counter Lawfare" $5,000 donation option to help Goodman raise attorney's fees so a lawyer can stand with him in front of Judge Caproni.


Prior to Judge Caproni assuming the EMMY Award trademark case (filed 09/04/2020 with first ORDER on 09/11/2020) Judge Caproni had the grievous misfortune of hearing about Jason Goodman's CrowdSource The Truth social media conspiracy brand in another libel case that many Internet observers call the "Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax case".

The so-called "Memphis Maersk" case was originally filed in South Carolina on June 14, 2018 -- the one year anniversay of the Port of Chrleston "dirty bomb hoax". The case was transferred to Judge Caproni in September 2018.

Fortunately Judge Caproni has been able to take several six (6) month breaks for any activity to do with that case as it apparently comes from the "wrong side of the tracks" (Charleston and all).

Not so with the Hollywood super-star sexy EMMY Award case which commands immediate attention from the seasoned jurist. Closures of ports with bomb hoaxes is not in style this year (or last year).

Click below for latest in "Port of Charleston dirty bomb hoax" libel case

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For over two years Jason Goodman has been filing pro se documents in Judge Caproni's court, earning descriptions of him by her honor as a "conspiracy theorist" who apparently "concocts outlandish conspiracy theories".

Most Internet observers assume Jason Goodman was involved in the closure of the Port of Charleston, S.C. with a "dirty bomb hoax" on June 14, 2017.

Above: New York Times article of June 15, 2017

Above: Article from the Port of Charleston, June 15, 2017

"The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) shut down the port of Charleston’s Wando terminal late Wednesday after internet conspiracy theorists alleged that a “dirty bomb” had been stowed away inside a shipping container.

The threat was called into authorities at around 8:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, prompting a massive federal/ state/ local law enforcement response and the imposition of a one nautical mile safety zone around the Maersk Memphis, the vessel alleged to have been carrying the weapon.

“Authorities were made aware of a potential threat in a container aboard the vessel Maersk Memphis in the Port of Charleston,” a statement from the Coast Guard noted.  “The Maersk Memphis is currently moored at Charleston’s Wando terminal which has been evacuated while law enforcement units from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies investigate the threat.”

Joining the Coast Guard were agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), National Guard, S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR).  Emergency response units from Charleston County and the city of Mount Pleasant, S.C. also participated in the security sweep.

The Maersk Memphis made multiple calls on Middle Eastern ports prior to its arrival in Charleston – most recently the port of Salalah in Oman.  Prior to that it called on Port Qasim in Pakistan.

According to the Coast Guard, the threat involved four specific containers aboard the Maersk Memphis.

“These have been scanned and cleared by authorities,” the agency’s unified command announced shortly before 4:00 a.m. EDT,  adding there was “no existing threat to the port.”

The claim was made in YouTube videos posted by conspiracy theorists Jason Goodman and George Webb."



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