[ALERT]: MICHIGAN CYBER MILITIA: Pro-Trump recount conspiracy theorists led by George Webb

Updated: Jun 27, 2021


Soon, it appears, Pro-Trump alt-right conspiracy theorists Jason Goodman, JFK assassination conspiracy theorist, and George Webb (aka "DEEP JOURNO") may be reunited via the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.). Goodman operates the CrowdSource the Truth conspiracy podcast show (currently embroiled in three separate lawsuits).

Meanwhile, Goodman's former side-kick George Webb has been tweeting dire images about "splattered brains".


Above: George Webb tweets about splattered brains of the current occupant of the White House.

Above: Warren Flood, the apparent owner of the mystery Ferrari (see George Webb tweet above)

Microsoft Corporate Affairs for Detroit.

Working with civic leaders, community stakeholders, and the citizens they serve to tackle urban challenges in Detroit. Areas of focus include: improving digital skills, strengthening workforce development, empowering nonprofits, increasing civic engagement and effectiveness, and addressing social injustices.

Above: George Webb focuses on Warren Flood

Above: Warren Flood at an apparent circus event


Case no. 20-cv-12933-GAD-KGA

Sweigert v. Cable News Network, Inc.

Gershwin A. Drain, presiding

Kimberly G. Altman, referral

Motion papers have been filed in Webb's $50 Million defamation lawsuit against the Cable News Network (C.N.N.) to transfer the case from Detroit, Michigan to the S.D.N.Y. to create the legal reunion.

The address used by George Webb in his lawsuit traces back to some kind of media cell used by a cadre of Pro-Trump extremists.

Above: The shopping center where George Webb has set-up his new alt-right cyber militia media cell (1671 W. Stearns Road).

This is the second time that George Webb has threatened a lawsuit against C.N.N. The first was in 2017 (see below with Jason Goodman).

Above: Jason Goodman facilitates telephone call to C.N.N. so George Webb can threaten a lawsuit. Some believe the two are inextricably intertwined.

Case no. 20-cv-12933-GAD-KGA

Sweigert v. Cable News Network, Inc.

Gershwin A. Drain, presiding

Kimberly G. Altman, referral

Above: Hon. Judge Gershwin Drain is presiding over the Detroit-based George Webb lawsuit (C.N.N. named defendant). Pictured with the judge is his wife "Meredith".

Eerie connection between magistrate judge and Jason Goodman's CrowdSource The Truth (see below).

Above: Magistrate Judge Kimberly G. Altman


Many Internet observers will recall that George Webb is listed as a "third party defendant" in Goodman's slander, libel and civil rights lawsuit in the federal court for New York City.

Above: Jason Goodman, aka the so-called "Prince of Lawfare", hosts Oakey Marshall Richards ("Rock Hudson") on the CrowdSource The Truth conspiracy show.

Only a few years ago Jason and George (J.G.) were inseparable as the pair of so-called "investigative reporters" that were searching for the whereabouts of Eric Braverman, lost uranium on the Memphis Maersk and missing laptops at the Capitol Hill police department.

As of late, Goodman has been pre-occupied with podcasts that push COVID-19 conspiracy theories with the likes of Dr. Judy Mikovits (the arrested Reno, Nevada "researcher").

Above: Jason Goodman interviews "Quinn Michaels" aka Korey Atkin, homeless car dweller

The Internet community largely held Jason Goodman responsible for the break-up of the dynamic duo after the severe public humiliation Goodman imposed on Webb (who was living with Jason in the Chelsea section of Manhattan at the time).

Above: a parade allegedly in the Chelsea section of Manhattan

Many Internet observers will recall that Jason and George (J.G.) helped close down the Port of Charleston, South Carolina on June 14th, 2017.

Above: Jason Goodman sneaking up behind George Webb

Questions have remained unanswered as to why Goodman allowed Oakey Marshall Richards (OMR) to complete 33 shows on the CrowdSource The Truth conspiracy brand podcasts.

This is a key lynch-pin of Webb's lawsuit against C.N.N., that OMR was the source of the "dirty bomb" information that Jason and George (J.G.) passed on to the 7th District Coast Guard Headquarters on June 14, 2017.

Above: George Webb with "DEEP NSA" aka Corean BBQ

Questions also remain about the involvement of "DEEP NSA", aka Corean BBQ, who lives adjacent to Fort Meade, the home of the National Security Agency in Maryland.

DEEP NSA is the reported ex-girl friend of DEEP JOURNO George Webb (passing like ship's in the night at the Maryland hotel where many of the 9/11/2001 hijackers stayed, located in Laurel, Maryland).

DEEP NSA was also a confidential informant to Jason Goodman after she allegedly was sneaking around George Webb's e-mail messages in his mail account ( see above).

Allegedly, DEEP NSA was the confidential informant for the April 29, 2020 C.N.N. article about the COVID-19 stories broadcast by George Webb. She has been named as a key witness in the Goodman slander and civil rights lawsuit in the S.D.N.Y.

Above: Jason Goodman and George Webb discuss the movements of the MEMPHIS MAERSK (see Port of Charleston)

Above: George Webb seems to be riding Jason Goodman in some aerial drone maneuvers

Above: The alleged video that shut down the Port of Charleston, S.C., starring Jason Goodman, George Webb and Trish "the Dish" Negron.

Interestingly, George Webb has publicly stated that he believes he was "set-up" apparently by "Doctor" Jerome Corsi (only a PhD).

Above: Jason Goodman speaks with Roger Stone (convicted felon) and "Doctor" Jerome Corsi (the PhD).



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