[ALERT SDNY] George Webb lawsuit moved from Michigan to New York for "national security reasons"?

Updated: Apr 6

NEW CASE: Transfer to S.D.N.Y. 1:22-cv-02788-UA


Rumors indicate that a mob is gathering in Detroit, Michigan at the Neighborhood News Studio to support America's newest "JOHN DOE", or GEORGE WEBB.

Meanwhile, GEORGE WEBB versus Jason Goodman, Eastern District of Michigan (M.I.E.D.) has been transferred to the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.).

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In a surprise move, Detroit Judge Gershwin Drain has transferred the GEORGE WEBB versus Jason Goodman legal action from Michigan to the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.). Judge Drain may want to keep the toxic Jason Goodman and his foul mind away from his court. Will it work?

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Did men in suits with gold badges visit federal judge Gershwin Drain in Detroit, Michigan? Hmmm. Whatever happened to that court forgery investigation that Jason Goodman initiated with his old attorney pal John H. Snyder?

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That Michigan legal action in which GEORGE WEBB seems to want "Sneaky" Goodman to be held accountable for the slander and defamation pushed about forged electronic signatures on court documents, a Jerome Corsi-type narrative cooked up by court designated conspiracy theorist "Sneaky" Goodman.

The Motown beat just can't seem to handle the hottest lawsuit in Detroit. It was probably the pesky probing of the U.S. Supreme Court into the supposed forged electronic signatures on thousands of court documents. Ouch!

ABOVE: Guess federal S.D.N.Y. judge Valerie E. Caproni may get to hear all the in camera filings about supposed connections to Russian state run media affiliates and possible espionage in the "Sneaky" Goodman Michigan action.

What will Goodman's former attorney John Hoover Snyder, esq. have to say? Snyder, attorney for Russian "businessman" Felix Sater, seemed to be the architect of the forged electronic signatures story.

Felix Sater's attorney, John H. Snyder, esq.

ABOVE: Alleged woman hater "Sneaky" Goodman who apparently drove a 72 y.o. woman to an early grave. Big, tough Jason "attack the elderly" Goodman (friend of Charles Ortel).

In the end, looks like Motown can't handle some of the allegations in that lawsuit, in what appeared to be a garden variety defamation case. But, there seems to be more ("pixeled black berrys"). Men with gold badges?



Meanwhile, another juicy lawsuit heats up with innuendo about C.N.N. ace reporter Donie O'Sullivan and Virginia U.S. Senator Mark Warner.

Now the hot sauce lawsuit will probably end up the desk of former General Counsel of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) the Hon. Valerie E. Caproni.

ABOVE: Artist rendition of disgruntled New York City based Russian disinformation operative snooping around the courts of Detroit, Michigan looking for pixelated black berrys.

ABOVE: Jason Goodman may -- repeat may - be attempting to evade Rule 4 "service of process", something Goodman accused Christopher E. Bouzy of doing. Apparently George Webb had to resort to EXPRESS MAIL (with signature return requested) to have the U.S. Postal Service hunt down Goodman. What's next process servers?

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Jason Goodman asks George Webb to reveal his Imran Awan sources as to the infamous "Biden Black Berrys", which Goodman is alleged to have "pixelated". Webb claims evidence of potential misuse of encrypted Black Berrys was tainted by Goodman who was allegedly the spoliator.

This begs the question, "Is Jason Goodman a traitor?".

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Jason Goodman says that George Webb is lying. Now that Goodman has been presumably banned from Twitter (yet another account in limbo), he is using alleged Twitter sock puppet accounts, like "Exposing the Stupid Mario Bros".

What about that Goodman v. Bot Sentinel lawsuit in the S.D.N.Y., what's up with that? Wasn't that about sock puppet accounts?

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Goodman brags to GEORGE WEBB about his TINDER dates.


Looks like WEBB is watching the Ninth Circuit (where the real action is) while New Yorkers remain riveted to Jason Goodman's lawsuit against Christopher E. Bouzy, Bot Sentinel and (you guessed it ) GEORGE WEBB (aka John Doe).

The opening brief was filed yesterday in the "state actor" case of the decade - JOHN DOE vs. GOOGLE, LLC. The John Doe lawsuit was filed six (6) months AFTER the Cable News Network arranged for Senator Mark Warner (Virginia) to issue a governmental order for YouTube, LLC to terminate GEORGE WEBB's account with 119,000 subscribers.

The opening brief (district court's order is below) in the Ninth Circuit sets the tone that GEORGE WEBB would be perfectly justified under the "state actor" provisions of the Anti-Ku Klux Klan Act to sue the Cable News Network, Senator Warner and YouTube, LLC for state actor denial of First Amendment rights.

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That would mean that a state actor conspiracy was created by parties acting with the supposed victim of George Webb's "patient zero" broadcast in March-April 2020.

As Jason Goodman proclaims in the New York City echo chamber, "we have our First Amendment rights on Twitter, bla, bla, bla." Funny it was Goodman that had many late night phone calls not only with Eastern District of Michigan court staff, but with George Webb's girl friend in Maryland (Fort Meade) as well. Ouch.


Depicted below (In Meet John Doe) is the scene of George Webb discovering his girl friend ("Deep NSA") was most likely an operative working with a U.S. Air Force civilian and his "Army Reservist" wife (who happens to drill at Fort Meade, Maryland (home of the good ole National Security Agency [N.S.A.]) to set up the "pure heart - empty head" Webb.

ABOVE: Artist rendition of the so-called mystery girl -- "DEEP NSA", George Webb's ex-girl friend. Funny she lives next door to Fort Meade, Maryland. Hmmm. Doesn't a certain Army Reservist drill at Fort Meade?

ABOVE: The "Deep NSA" love song for George Webb

Same players involved in the JOHN DOE versus GOOGLE, LLC 2.0 lawsuit, probably to be filed in the federal courts of Detroit, Michigan. Wow, that means federal Judge Gershwin Drain gets to play "god" with GOOGLE, LLC. Wow, as Jason Goodman would say, "what a legal paradox".

Hold your breath on the Ninth Circuit sports fans, while S.D.N.Y. gets more soggy with Bouzy tweets and Charles Ortel complaining about another tax loop-hole (that only his rich pals should be allowed to use).

Silicon Valley certainly doesn't care about the S.D.N.Y. But, what about Detroit? Interesting "legal paradox".

ABOVE: Mr. Second Amendment Jason Goodman delights in discussing how he will treat anyone who bothers him with "his new Second Amendment rights". This has fueled rumors that the New York Police Department (N.Y.P.D.) may have issued Goodman a concealed weapons permit (C.W.P.). In a doomsday manner, Goodman seems to relish the idea of a post-apocalyptic New York City.

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