Federal judge ORDERS Jason Goodman to turn over ALL PATREON records; is SubscribeStar next?

Above: Federal Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron


A federal magistrate judge has ordered that conspiracy host Jason Goodman must turn over all his communications with the paywall provider PATREON by January 15, 2021. Internet gossip immediately sprung into knee-jerk mode and wondered about SubscribeStar, another paywall.

Internet rumors about the potential for money laundering have been floating around the "paywall" industry for some time. SubscribeStar founder Mikhail Zadvornyy (Siberia, Russia) apparently had his service cut from PayPal payment processing two years ago in a snafu over sponsoring "alt-right wing nuts".

Above: Jason Goodman of the so-called Port of Charleston "dirty bomb hoax". Goodman claims to have Hollywood connections and produced a podcast about the Memphis Maersk

According to the Financial Times of London SubscribeStar boasts of many "stars" of the alt-right movement and pornographers that use the service to collect credit card payments and other financial transfers.

SubscribeStar is owned by Mr. Zadvornyy (Siberia, Russia), but lists a Wyoming address via a so-called shell company called "Starcling, LLC" (see below).

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Financial Times story

More on Russian disinformation operations,-By%20Jeff%20Seldin&text=WASHINGTON%20%2D%20After%20four%20years%20of,of%20cyberattacks%20and%20influence%20operations.

Above: Apparent pro-General Michael Flynn supporter Jason Goodman sucks up to Sidney Powell (Flynn's lawyer)


Meanwhile, questions have been raised in a federal lawsuit about Jason Goodman's financial transactions with SubscribeStar's competitor -- PATREON. Federal Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaaron has ordered Mr. Goodman to produce ALL records of his transactions with PATREON (see below).

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sweigert-v-goodman-doc-173-1207-2020 (1)
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Above: Jason Goodman discusses a "bomb plot" somewhere in New York City Port Authority area (circa 2017)



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