EMMY Awards want attorneys' fees -- will Jason Goodman lose his swanky $1.2M Manhattan "love shack"?

Updated: Mar 17

Above: Ex-Hollywood camera operator and conspiracy theorist Jason Goodman seems to be pulling his hair out after demands for attorneys' fees and court costs in EMMY Awards lawsuit (far right is artist rendition of Goodman after attorney fee award).


So-called "creepy" Jason Goodman (of the 250th block of Seventh Avenue, Chelsea, 10001) apparently received a wake-up call in the form of a 5/1/2021 MAYDAY distress signal from the federal court in Manhattan. This could place Goodman's $1.2 million Chelsea penthouse in peril.

As the lawsuit brought by the EMMY Awards drags on against Goodman and his attorney, "John Hoover Snyder" (.esq), the EMMY Awards seem to be losing patience with the operator of the debunked CROWDSOURCE THE TRUTH, the pro-Trump "fake news" alt-right YouTube channel that broadcasts so-called medical disinformation, Sydney Powell's ramblings and 911 World Trade Center conspiracies.

Above: Jason Goodman with Sydney Powell, esq. apparently e-begging for donations to his COUNTER LAWFARE FUND to pay attorney's fees.

Meanwhile, a New York State Bar complaint has now been filed against the "Hoover vacuum evidence collection guru" Snyder for the possible strange barter relationship that may exist between Goodman and "Hoover" in a legal fees "trade-out" system. This raises new legal questions for the CROWDSOURCE THE TRUTH legal team. How is Mr. "Hoover" Synder, esq. getting paid?

Below is the ORDER by District Judge Valerie E. Caproni allowing the lawyers representing the THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS AND SCIENCES, INC. and ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS & SCIENCES (EMMYs) to seek attorneys fees from Goodman with a new amended complaint.

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Apparently, John Hoover Snyder, esq. (pictured above) sought a subpoena from Judge Caproni against the Central Intelligence Agency (see court document below) at the apparent behest of Mr. Goodman, to uncover files related to the so-called "Mockingbird Operation"). This type of courtroom antics seems compatible with Mr. Goodman and his "attorney".

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In an eerie coincidence, Judge Caproni has referenced "mockingbirds" in previous court orders. Some conspiracy theorists link these "mockingbird" trigger words with Judge Caproni's eight (8) years as General Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Investigation under Robert S. Mueller, III (see below).







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