[COURT ALERT]: The cyber terror siege of the Eastern District of Michigan: George Webb strikes again

Updated: Mar 28

Rumors are circulating in the "dark web" about a cadre of Russian-based disinformation operatives that allegedly hide under SPUTNIK RADIO and R.T. NEWS news credentials. This may effect George Webb, Lee Stranahan and Jason Goodman.

As if lifted from a TRUE STORY Hollywood script, the litigation spectacles of the last few months appear to indicate a social media attack on the U.S. Courts and court personnel. This includes calls to personal cell phones at midnight of Court staff.

Why is Felix Sater's attorney, John Hoover Snyder of NYC, involved in this mess?

Fun fact: FBI agents visited Lee Stranahan this week.

ABOVE: Artist rendition of so-called "media personality" Jason Goodman, a regular media talent on the Russian-affiliate SPUTNIK RADIO (see Back Story with Lee Stranahan). Is he connected to Felix Sater via Jonathan Snyder?


Is an act of Russian cyber war taking place in Detroit, Michigan? Is the federal court in Detroit presently in "cyber lock down"?

Jason Goodman has sounded the alarm that an electronic signature forgery network has been exposed operating out of the Eastern District of Michigan. (Anyone smell Sidney Powell pay-back?)

This means literally thousands of U.S. Court documents could be signed forgeries creating a legal nullity of court orders. The U.S. Supreme Court has been advised.

The federal court in downtown Detroit, Michigan has apparently been under a cyber siege as Court staff live in fear of the next social engineering attack from New York. More phone calls to personal cell phones by Jason Goodman?

Restraining Order issued against New York's most notorious reporter drama queen, Jason Goodman, by the Honorable Gershwin Drain in Detroit, Michigan.

Download PDF • 164KB

Download PDF • 162KB

The above robo-call attacks are very similar it would seem to other alt-right grifters that have landed in Michigan hot water for telephone abuse.

Apparently Jason Goodman was caught making telephone calls and recording U.S. Court employees in the Michigan Eastern District (M.I.E.D.) at home and at personal cell phone numbers. Some calls went to spouses and boyfriends apparently. Some calls apparently were made at 11:30 pm.

ABOVE: Artist rendition of M.I.E.D. Court staff receiving a Jason Goodman telephone call at oh, maybe, let's say 11:30 P.M. (allegedly). Goodman claimed he had "empirical evidence" that M.I.E.D. Clerk Richard Loury was part of a forgery ring. Goodman had to call him and tell him so.

ABOVE: Artist rendition of Jason Goodman and his SUPER MARIO BROTHERS conspiracy smear that implicates M.I.E.D. Court employee Richard Loury. Some blame S.D.N.Y. Judge Valerie E. Caproni for not doing more to rein in the Goodman mutant.

Bot rumors continue that SDNY Magistrate Judge Stewart D. Aaron extended excessive religious preferences to Goodman. Hmmm. Claim a certain holiday and Magistrate Aaron was all too willing to give certain members of a religious class an extra month to file a court paper.

Meanwhile, Goodman pushes the SUPER MARIO BROTHERS conspiracy theory that a disinformation media cell exists in Temperance, Michigan and is controlled by George Webb Sweigert (aka GEORGE WEBB in social media circles).


George Webb (seen below broadcasting from Temperance, Michigan) may now be a fugitive in England.

It appears that GEORGE WEBB has fled Michigan in favor of the United Kingdom in the midst of rumors that the Temperance, Michigan pro-Russian media cell is linked to a sister cell in New York City.

Rumors are circulating in the "dark web" that the F.B.I. is planning a search warrant raid on the offices of GEORGE WEBB at his latest "crash pad", the Neighborhood News Studio.

ABOVE: GEORGE WEBB pal near Dalghren Naval Surface Weapons Center, Virginia. George Webb spent about a year "hanging out" with the "son of the man" that was "Kennedy's Man To Smash The C.I.A.". John O'Loughlin of Cobb Island, Maryland. Retired "attorney". Rumored to be possible ghost writer for GEORGE WEBB's legal documents.

Both Jason Goodman and GEORGE WEBB have sued each other in federal court, Goodman sued in the S.D.N.Y., GEORGE WEBB in Detroit, Michigan. Some believe that this is a tactic of Russian disinformation to create show trials (aka stunt litigation").

Both "drama queen" lawsuits have nevertheless provided the people with the "gold badges" with plenty of dirt related to "stunt litigation". Let's just say there is a U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Michigan law is far different from New York law. Perhaps GEORGE WEBB should bone up on Project Veritas search warrants.

Many consider GEORGE WEBB, Lee Stranahan and Jason Goodman nothing more than Russian affiliated disinformation. The link to Felix Sater via John H. Snyder, esq. to Jason Goodman continues to fuel such rumors apparently.

ABOVE: GEORGE WEBB filming M.I.6. British Intelligence.

ABOVE: Alleged Russian disinformation agent GEORGE WEBB en route to M.I.6. British Intelligence. Most observers see such "see and do" video clips by both George Webb and Jason Goodman as reports provided to superiors in Russia via social media.

ABOVE: Artist rendition of the master controller moving affiliates around the social media landscape. Players may include Jason Goodman, Lee Stranahan, George Webb. Rumors have it that George Webb gave Lee Stranahan $5,000.

Both Jason Goodman and Lee Stranahan claim to be life long friends with Brad Parscale, TRUMP's campaign manager (who went a little off when the police were called to his home right before the 2020 election).


Jason Goodman helped promote alt-right attorney Sidney Powell, who is very well known in the federal court serving Detroit, Michigan.

Ms. Powell was busy last year filing federal lawsuits concerning the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election. Ms. Powell received sanctions from the federal judge in the action.

Below is a copy of the documents filed in the Eastern District of Michigan.

Download PDF • 1.18MB

ABOVE: Jason Goodman welcomes Sidney Powell to OPERATION CLASSIFIED, Dallas, Texas, November 1-3, 2018, largely considered a Q-Anon based convention.

ABOVE: While Sidney Powell was the personal attorney to Lt. General Michael Flynn, she participated in the PATRIOT'S ROUNDTABLE with Jason Goodman and retired F.B.I. special agent Robyn Gritz, former special aide to General Flynn.


Just five days ago Twitter yanked the conspiracy account of Goodman. The Twitter account had about 26,000 followers, but on very good days Goodman's tweets received 2-3 "thumbs up", maybe 2-3 hearts. Almost never a retweet or comment.

It is almost as if the ghost of Les Whitten is floating around the so-called den of Russian-affiliates that seems to orbit Donald Trump's all around good buddy Felix Sater.

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