Federal judge hauls Jason Goodman into Virginia court to face sanctions ($$$) hearing (ooppssie)

Updated: Aug 21, 2020


Conspiracy theorist Jason Goodman has apparently entered the peril of judicial sanctions ordered by the federal judge in the Goodman slander, defamation and libel lawsuit in Richmond, Virginia. It appears that Goodman may be creating a delusional invisible army of "military intelligence and asymmetric warfare in the legal system".

Some Internet observers are curious if Goodman is referring to his key informant, and witness in the federal lawsuit in New York City, Deep NSA, aka Corean BBQ, and her ex-boyfriend George Webb. Deep NSA, who lives near Fort Meade, Maryland (and apparently indulges in Korean BBQ) was a George Webb side-kick -- and the apparent subject of a Naval Criminal Investigative Service inquiry.

Goodman must now facing a hearing before the Virginia federal judge related to his "asymmetric warfare" allegations.


Many observers note that Deep NSA, Corean BBQ, had intimate access to George Webb's computers, cell phones and bed. She was apparently George Webb's girl-friend, or girl Friday, for over 14 months -- to include sleeping over in George Webb's Capitol Heights, Maryland hotel the week-end before the discovery of Jenny Moore's bruised and apparently beaten body (August 13, 2018) down the hallway in the same hotel.

Above: Deep NSA, aka Corean BBQ, boasts of her knowledge about George Webb and Jason Goodman (also a Goodman informant).

Above: The backyard of Deep NSA, aka Corean BBQ

Above: Deep NSA (Goodman informant) is the daughter of an Internet inventor, who is apparently closely associated with the U. S. National Security Agency, Fort Meade, Maryland.

Above: Jason Goodman discusses revelations from his informant Deep NSA about George Webb and Peter Duke, George Webb's photographer


Goodman has pushed the conspiracy theory of "Maneuver Warfare" onto a federal judge, who appears not to be amused by his latest tactics. Or, is Goodman referring to his key informant Deep NSA, Korean BBQ (a New York City federal lawsuit witness).

Virginia federal court PDF located below

Download PDF • 501KB

Above: Jason Goodmen prepares for federal court

Above: Jason Goodman attacks George Webb outside of a federal courthouse

The federal judge in Richmond, Virginia has essentially discarded Goodman's rambling as a jumble of irrelevancies that will not be considered by the court.

Above: Jason Goodman yucks it up with his ex-friend Quinn Micheals with a coffee cup displaying Manuel Chavez, III of Carson City, Nevada


Apparently, Jason Goodman will be back in the Richmond, Virginia courthouse to appear before the federal judge on July 23, 2018.

Set/Reset Deadlines as to Motion Hearing set for 7/23/2020 at 10:00 AM before District Judge M. Hannah Lauck. (khan, ) (Entered: 07/20/2020)

Judges order appears below (PDF)

Download PDF • 861KB


07/14/2020 203 ORDER that this matter comes before the Court sua sponte. The Court has authorized pro se Defendant Jason Goodman to bring an Apple MacBook Pro l 611 and Apple iPhone to the July 15, 2020 Show Cause Hearing should Goodman require those devices to present evidence to the Court. The Court reminds Goodman, consistent with Local Civil Rule 83.3 for the Eastern District of Virginia and General Order 2020-11, that [t]he taking of photographs and operation of tape recorders in a courtroom or its environs, and radio or television broadcasting from a courtroom or its environs during the progress of or in connection with judicial proceedings, including proceedings before a magistrate judge or bankruptcy judge, whether or not Court is actually in session, is prohibited. E.D. Va. Loe. Civ. R. 83.3. Under no circumstances shall Goodman record, tape, or otherwise create a secondary record of the Show Cause Hearing. Goodman SHALL only power on or use his electronic devices after requesting, and receiving, express permission from the Court. The Court does not anticipate authorizing any electronic presentation of evidence at this time.

Above: George Webb and Deep NSA, aka Corean BBQ (near Fort Meade, Maryland)

Meanwhile, Deep NSA, aka Corean BBQ, and George Webb await their subpoenas for appearance in New York City federal court, aka SDNY.

NOTE: Apparently Deep NSA is life long friends with Kristina Julia.

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