[ALERT SDNY SPYING]: "Citizen journalism" is not real journalism (Project Veritas rule)

Updated: Mar 23


Above: The new so-called Project Veritas Anti-SLAPP Doctrine effectively silences "citizen journalists" against the dreaded main stream "mockingbird media"

Above: The debate that "citizen journalism" is not real journalism seems to be renewed




Rumors are that the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.) is a buzz with the potential for a historic decision with wide ranging implications. Just as the famous decision in the S.D.N.Y. Mockingbird lawsuit impacted an entire species, it may be the new CrowdSource The Truth doctrine (Goodman Rule) that rattles the world of thousands of "citizen journalists".




The day is fast approaching when federal judge Valerie E. Caproni may decide that "citizen journalism" isn't really journalism. As breathtaking as it sounds, it is a 95% percent probability due to the new New York Anti-SLAPP law. That is the law that the New York Times and Jason Goodman, JFK assassination conspiracy theorist, hide behind.

This supports the long held Internet conspiracy theory that the "fake" lawsuit Plaintiff and the Defendant are part of a "show trial" scheme to bring censorship upon "citizen journalists". Others have suggested Goodman associates may be part of the scheme (Larry Klayman, Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD, etc.).

Federal judges have a long history of social engineering by decree. "Judge made law" can become a very powerful social engineering tool. For proof just observe the break-up of A.T.&T. by Judge Harold H. Greene in the 1980s (a case handled by federal prosecutor Larry Klayman).

The name of the game is "PUBLIC PUSH BACK" and how to control it. Many observers point to the "indictment" by a hoax "Citizens' Grand Jury" officiated over by Jason Goodman, with Mr. Klayman acting as "special prosecutor").

Rumors are circulating that Caproni's eight years as General Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) may have something to do with the assignment of the so-called "Goodman Rule" lawsuit.

Meanwhile, "citizen journalists" are holding their breath over two anticipated outcomes of Internet censorship lawsuits. Again, these developments feature the Port of Charleston Twins: George Webb (Sweigert) and Jason Goodman. The dynamic duo is most remembered for the June 14th, 2017 Port of Charleston "dirty bomb hoax" in South Carolina.

Above: Jason Goodman and George Webb discuss alleged IRAN-CONTRA C.I.A. drug shipments one day before the Port of Charleston "dirty bomb hoax".

Judge Valerie E. Caproni may soon be able to decide that defamation, slander and libel lawsuits filed by the so-called "little guys" against Goliath media giants like C.N.N. or CrowdSource The Truth will soon be a lost art.

Above: Moving the goal posts mid-stream, or mid-lawsuit changes (aka Anti-SLAPP retroactively applied)

The federal courts have decided to retroactively enforce New York's new Ant-SLAPP law. That means citizen journalism lawsuits, like Project Veritas vs. the New York Times, have new rules imposed upon them mid-stream.

Above: Anti-SLAPP retroactively applied inequality

New York's new Anti-SLAPP lawsuits "imposing an inequality" on defamation plaintiff mid-stream in the lawsuit.

When some defendant waves the Anti-SLAPP red flag the goal posts are moved from proving negligence to "actual malice".

The seminal case in this area involves Project Veritas a so-called "citizen journalism" activist social media movement.

New York Anti-SLAPP lawsuit. In Sweigert v. Goodman, if left unchallenged, all current defamation lawsuits involving any allegations of public debate will now retroactively deal with the ever powerful "actual malice" threshold. This is a mid-stream and unexpected new standard to achieve for the defamation plaintiff.

George Webb (Michigan Militia) vs. CNN. In Sweigert vs. CNN, George Webb takes on CNN, which can now hide behind New York's Anti-SLAPP law. George Webb faces a SHOW CAUSE hearing in that Detroit case June 18, 2021.

Click below for judges order

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Either way, with "actual malice" free speech as we know it may be hit with a "black eye".


Trump vs. New York Times and New York Anti-SLAPP law


In what looks and feels like Denzell Washington questioning Darby Shaw, Pelican Brief 2.0 has arrived. Now the controversy swirls around an indictment produced by a "Citizens Grand Jury" that fell into the wrong hands.

The setting is 2018 during the flurry of political "lawfare".

Above: George Webb (Sweigert), Jason Goodman and "Dr." Jerome Corsi, PhD

Above: Charles Ortel with "Dr." Jerome Corsi

Above: Larry Klayman interrogates former F.B.I. special agent Robyn Gritz

Above: Former F.B.I. special agent Robyn Gritz at a "patriots council" meeting with ex-CIA specail agent Kevin Shipp (Sidney Powell, esq. guiding the inquiry).

Above: Kevin Shipp listens to convicted weapons felon about a potential civil war in the United States, Jason Goodman listens in.


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