[ALERT]: Christian Jew Larry Klayman now believes in UFOs, Jason Goodman stunts questioned

Updated: Jul 24, 2021


Above: Larry Klayman (presently prohibited from practicing law in the District of Columbia Circuit Court) reveals his feelings about UFOs and visitors from other planets

Above: Portrayal of a so-called "dead beat dad" chased by alien beings




Larry Klayman began courting the U.F.O. alien crowd with a series of Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A.) requests a decade ago. This is what his organizations, Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, were known for -- muscling F.O.I.A. clerks in the bowels of some District of Columbia federal agency.

Not satisfied, Mr. Klayman began threatening U.S. Supreme Court judges in 2013 with indictments from his quasi-judicial Citizens Grand Juries.

In an eerie coincidence, the Citizen Grand Juries seem to share characteristics with ShadowBox Strategies, Inc. (Delaware).

The "prepare for the wrath of the Internet to be visited upon you" cottage industry.

Above: U.F.O. believer Larry Klayman, esq., aka Harry Claypool, working off his 90 day suspension from the Circuit Court for the District of Columbia, wants federal judges to know they could face indictments from his Citizens Grand Jury.

Above: Larry Klayman interviews Dr. Steven Greer, UFO expert. VARIETY review of Greer's film, "A documentary featuring Steven Greer, apostle of the alien-visitation disclosure movement, has tantalizing "sightings," but reveals that ET obsession is now the mother ship of conspiracy theory."




Alarmingly in what amounts to what some say is judicial intimidation, Mr. Klayman has stated, with Mr. Jason Goodman of CrowdSource The Truth looking on, that federal court justices face indictment by the Citizens Grand Juries if they violate their oath of office and do not rule in favor of his clients (Citizen's Grand Jury with Prosecutor Larry Klayman – The Kerry Biden Connection, April 29, 2021,

Listen in beginning at time-mark 49:49. Wow.

Mr. Klayman rails, “If we are not heard [by the U.S. Supreme Court] we will put that in front of the grand jury [time mark 49:49]”. “These judges who have not taken this up have committed crimes … resign from the bench and get out of there .. so that we don’t have to take action” (from video described above).

Above: Mr. Jason Goodman, JFK assassination conspiracy theorist, has stated that these Citizens Grand Juries are now a permanent recurring feature of his CrowdSource The Truth video podcasts. Mr. Goodman acts as the apparent court recorder.

Below is a Google display of Mr. Klayman's Apple Podcast for June 10, 2021: Federal Judges Rule OK to Kill Children!

Above: Larry Klayman and Jason Goodman about to indict Robert S. Mueller, III for various crimes as part of the Citizens Grand Juries. A copy of the indictment is below.





Above: Larry Klayman chimes in on a U.F.O. discussion on CrowdSource The Truth. "Is it possible to talk to the dead with ESP," asks Larry Klayman.

The villains are the war-mongering military-industrial complex who want to maintain their hegemony. And who also intend to stage a false-flag UFO invasion event specifically to terrify people on this planet into waging war with extraterrestrials. These “petro-Nazis,” as Greer calls them, maintain their vast wealth through cultivating war, fear, and dependence on fossil fuel oils.

According to Greer, they’re the ones brutally abducting people from their beds in the middle of the night, ‘stagecraft’ designed to further the ends of psychological warfare.

“Staged” UFO events feature craft with seams and rivets, Greer says. That’s the way to tell ours from theirs.

Above: Jason Goodman appears to interview his future self (Dr. Steven Greer) in a lucid Area 51 dream. Goodman does bring up the idea of an extra terrestrial Citizens Grand Jury.

Alien theorist offers proof of government coverup

  • By Daily Emerald

  • Apr 24, 2002 Updated Nov 5, 2018

The government has secretly known about and studied extraterrestrials and their spacecraft since the 1940s, according to Dr. Steven Greer, who heads an organization pushing for the public disclosure of the government’s relationship with aliens from outer space.

Greer, who founded The Disclosure Project, has more than just theory, however, having compiled the testimony of more than 400 government officials.

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