[ALERT:] George Webb's China WUHAN COVID-19 conspiracy theory validated by CrowdSource the Truth

Updated: May 30, 2021

Above: David Charles Hawkins (White Rock, British Columbia) appears to be "walked over" by "Jason Goodman", the instigator of the Crony Awards that brought on the ire of the EMMY Awards in a $2.4 Million federal lawsuit.

Many legal observers seem to believe that Goodman's demand for $2.4 Million qualifies his federal litigation as a "grifter lawsuit".




The Canadian COVID-19 conspiracy theorists are hard at work to somehow implicate the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg in a scheme that involves the eerie murders of Barry and Honey Sherman on 12/13/2017.

David Charles Hawkins, believed to be 79 y.o., was the conspiracy theorist that made 100% inaccurate conclusions about the 9/11 World Trade Center incident. Click below for the Report submitted to the New York City Council on Hawkins.

David-Hawkins-FDNY-Rebuttal - Copy
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This appears to be the latest alt-right pro-Trump disinformation distributed for the apparent purpose of the continued radicalizing of General Michael Flynn's "digital soldiers" (Goodman was on hand at the U.S. Capitol Insurrection on 1/06/2021).

Above: Jason "sewer rat" Goodman chills with David Hawkins, founder of the ABEL DANGER conspiracy brand with long time incarcerated sidekick Field McConnell. Jason Goodman is infamous for the tour he made of Field McConnel's home in Plum City, Wisconsin (where rumors abound about alleged sexual predator activities).

George Webb, "Jason likes them young," commented Webb when explaining Mr. Goodman's use of the TINDER dating app.

David Hawkins (former federal lawsuit co-plaintiff with Field McConnell) has applied the moniker "Sherlock Holmes" to himself to describe his investigative powers into unsolved murder cases (see Jon-Benet Ramsey murder case). He has yet to solve the murder of the Shermans, but has promised to split the reward money with Jason Goodman when solved.

Above: David Hawkins and Jason Goodman may split reward money

Most Internet observers recall the anti-lesbian statements pushed by Hawkins in the ABEL DANGER conspiracy environment. Hawkins claims that a secret cabal of lesbians has infiltrated the U.S. Department of Justice to arrange for snuff films (videos of actual murders).

Hawkins and sidekick Goodman often grin with child-like glee when repetitiously displaying the dead body of 7 y.o. Jon-Benet Ramsey on PATREON and YouTube video streams (where former soft-porn camera operator Goodman makes the lion's share of his conspiracy theory rewards and monies).

Jason "sewer rat" Goodman seems to be recycling the Wuhan, China COVID-19 conspiracy theories pushed by his former sidekick George Webb (Sweigert).

Both CBS Sixty Minutes and CNN aired long human interest stories on George Webb's theories of the origins of COVID-19 virus a year ago.

Above: The bulk of the George Webb conspiracy theories (featured on CBS Sixty Minutes and CNN) centered on the theory that a Canadian lab could have been involved in creating a "PATIENT ZERO" to infect the U.S. Military members in attendance at a cyclist competition in Wuhan, China, October 2019.

Now it seems David Hawkins is channeling George Webb. Hawkins, a 911 WTC conspiracy theorist, describes himself as a thespian in the local community theatre where he apparently plays Sherlock Holmes in South Surrey, British Columbia.

Above: Artist rendition of the passing conspiracy theory torch from George Webb to David Hawkins (co-founder of ABEL DANGER).



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