[ALERT:] Bishop Larry Gaiters and Jason Goodman Have Dire Warning for America

Updated: May 30, 2021

Above: The Internet was shocked to learn that Jason Goodman and his former long-time sidekick, Bishop Larry Gaiters, both have dire warnings for America.

While Larry Gaiters was warning the public about satanic sacrifices with links to the White House in a video podcast show, Jason Goodman (former sidekick) has now raised his conspiracy theories about the Colonial Pipeline cyber security incident.

In a dazzling display of what being uninformed looks like, Goodman has complained that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) hasn't done enough to stop the "pipeline incident". Analogous to stating "why hasn't the weather bureau stopped the rain".

Internet observers will recall Mr. Goodman had a direct hand in the infamous "dirty bomb hoax" at the Port of Charleston (see police report below), which makes his feigned concerned over the pipeline laughable to most observers.




The mainstream press was a buzz with the startling revelation that the current occupant of the White House most likely sacrificed his wife, daughter and son in satanic rituals to gain political power. So says, Bishop Larry Gaiters, former CrowdSource The Truth subject matter expert on Scientology.

Jason Goodman, Russian speaking SPUTNIK contributor, was quick to distance himself from his long-time sidekick by calling Gaiters an "infiltrator" and a "social engineer". These are the favorite insults the New York City Chelsea "metrosexual" throws about.

According to Goodman, who has taken an aggressive anti-Scientology stance along with Gaiters, his old friend is working with a cabal dedicated to the destruction of his conspiracy channels "CrowdSource The Truth" (which recently featured Jean Shafiroff, Manhattan socialite).

Above: Jean Shafiroff (filmed with Hillary R. Clinton, Henry Kissinger and others) appears on the Jason "Mockingbird" Goodman show to discuss charity frauds. Charles Ortel, Russian contributor to R.T., appears to the right in the funny hat.


Conspiracy theorist Jason Goodman (recently accused of perjury before federal Judge Valerie E. Caproni) has thrown Bishop Gaiters under the bus, like so many other sidekicks. Nevertheless, accused-perjurer Goodman has offered his own dire warnings about the Colonial Pipeline cyber security incident.

Loyalty does not seem to be a Jason "Mockingbird" Goodman quality.

According to Larry Gaiters the current President of the United States obtained political power by sacrificing his son, daughter and wife in various tragic events.

This strange conspiracy theory echoes the dozens of Goodman/Gaiters podcasts about Scientology and dead professional basketball players.

Above: Jason "Mockingbird" Goodman had a so-called "spiritual" relationship with Bishop Gaiters apparently, which was very similar to his years long relationship with Satanist Quinn Michaels, aka Korey Atkin.

Goodman often maintains relationships with other males in this manner until he "throws them under the bus" in a surprising and unexpected manner. Others include George Webb, Kevin Shipp, Oakey Marshall Richards (FBI informant), felon Scott Allen Bennett, etc.

Note: These Larry Gaiters theories mimic Jason Goodman's other sidekick, David Charles Hawkins, who claims the 911 World Trade Center attack was staged to help the teacher's retirement fund.


Above: The "satanic sacrifice" car crash of the first wife of the current President of the United States. Jason Goodman is a noted "BIDEN HATER" who has theorized that the recent Colonial Pipeline cyber incident may have been a "BIDEN PLOT".



It remains unknown if Jean Shafiroff believes the theories pushed by Goodman about the 911 WTC events or the Satanic sacrifices of children to gain political power. Thus far there has been no strong denial of these beliefs by Ms. Shafiroff (believed to be in Palm Beach, Florida at this time).




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Above: "Hack" lawyer (back from his 90 day law license suspension) Larry Klayman displays his concerns about the implications of Jason Goodman's remarks.

Interesting that "Comrade" Goodman, long recognized as part of the team that created the Port of Charleston "dirty bomb incident" of June 14, 2017, now seems concerned about what he calls "critical infrastructure".

These remarks, along with Goodman's police report created by the Port of Charleston Port Police, have fueled rumors about the true nature of Goodman's Russian affiliations (see SPUTNIK and Lee Stranahan). Goodman speaks fluent Russian and once had a Russian wife with alleged ties to intelligence organizations.

Some believe that Goodman's job, on behalf of Russian affiliates, is to provide social media cover for such attacks on critical infrastructure; like the Colonial Pipeline and the Port of Charleston. Goodman blames the N.S.A. for the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack, and not he the FBI's named suspects DarkSide.

Copy of police report below in PDF format.

Download • 1.08MB

Above: Far-right gun "nut" Jason Goodman allegedly with a dangerous assault weapon.

Above: Jean Shafiroff at swanky Manhattan "gala"


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