[ALERT:] Dire doomsday predictions by Jason Goodman and Jerome Corsi in latest movie flop

Updated: Jul 24, 2021


A new film celebrates social media doom mongers as their latest grifter method is revealed. Old frayed memes from a decade ago have been re-cycled by Trump-less conspiracy theorists Planet X, Niburu, Annunaki, etc. Its all here.



A new doomsday film (aka YouTube video from fellow crack-pot) starring Jason Goodman (released Sept. 2020) wants the attention of disenfranchised Trump fans as no one will watch alt-right puff piece podcasts any longer.

This is one of those run-of-the-mill "humans are being led to total destruction" films used to alarm kindly followers to buy survival supplies from these grifters. (Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker and the PTL Club anyone?)

The "movie" does reveal yet another creepy side of anti-Government quack Jason Goodman with his "hide under your bed and await doomsday" commentary in a so-called "bad LSD trip" genre movie. This may be a defense strategy Goodman learned in dealing with the three active federal lawsuits against him and rumors of police investigations.

As with Goodman's soft porn 3D movies, this low budget film is generally unwatchable. It can be viewed on VIMEO for $14.95, search "SCI-FI COMEDYS" or other propaganda about Planet-X is connected to the COVID-19 virus.





The "Who's Who" of the so-called alt-right "notorious Internet provocateurs" make their grand finale' appearance in the film pushed by conspiracy theorist and YouTuber Shepard "Embolism" Anabellass, called "Shackled for Silence". Shepard's new embolism style so named for its ability to deprive the brain of oxygen.

The elderly interviewees (labeled as actors) were mostly filmed from various nursing homes. Unknown YouTube podcasters are pushed as experts that have the usual goods to offer: e.g. secret cover-up, whistleblower, new leaked report, White House task force, etc.

Among others, the film features Jason Goodman's long-time sidekick "Dr." Jerome Corsi, PhD.

While speaking from his fortified home/bunker (with moat) in New Jersey, Corsi warns against ANTIFA as a pre-World War II collection of German "street thugs" and some other anti-

LGBTQ rhetoric. Corsi is best known for his "birther" movement, admitting he lied to Congress and the flop-flop on QAnon (which he at one time promoted vigorously). Corsi and Goodman share the same lawyer -- Larry Klayman.

For his cameo in the film, Corsi, a target of the Roger Stone investigation, rails against the usual "birther" enemies and Communists.

"Meeting Jason Goodman was an experience in of itself," said the director of the hit piece "Shackled for Silence." "He's a great guy", Anabellass said with a twinkle in his eye.

Above: Jason Goodman stars in the hepatitis B list conspiracy docu-mock-umentary. Here he reveals that his father, uncle and cousin are all medical doctors.

Most people will recall how Goodman was thrown out of at least two hotels hosting political events for apparent disorderly conduct.

Above: Some believe that the displays of rage and anti-social behaviors have led to Goodman being "thrown-out" of conferences and meetings (CPAC, Oxford, etc.). Others believe it may be a sign of deeper emotional problems when connected with the 500 naked pictures of his body stored on his laptop. Some believe these photos are in the hands of the National Security Agency.



Goodman and Anabellass then amplify a theory that asteroids, Planet-X, Niburu or whatever are within striking distance of the Earth and could create a ELE, extinction level event.

Above: Artist rendition of SPUTNIK contributor Jason Goodman's view of doomsday warnings unheeded on his CrowdSource The Truth blog (in the spirit of ABEL DANGER).

Meanwhile, in a boring "stock footage" style, Anabellass uses jerky, fuzzy, out-of-focus shots of "riot conditions" for the usual "bad LSD trip" technique to confuse the viewer.

The film fails in its attempts to follow the edgy style of the VICE News interview of QAnon founder Manuel Chavez, III. But, Anabellass is masterful in his whorish DEFANGO styled self-promotion so often found in the so-called white supremacist movement. But, is it really a documentary -- to see a mutual admiration society echo chamber?



It seems Jason Goodman and Anabellass have realized that fear porn sells and that pushing "COMET ATLAS" as an ELE that could be tied into the COVID-19 lock downs and mask wearing could mean cash. The premise is that wearing masks is only a big cover up to "mask" the ELE.

Fading Jason Goodman rails on about the Earth as an "eco-system" that may "change parameters" and other conspiracy theory double-speak gibberish.



Above: Ominous warnings are pushed that the World Bank funded COVID-19 test kits in 2017, part of an overall "FEMA CAMP" threat to America.

It is never fully explained, but apparently FEMA CAMPS will be needed to house survivors of the Yellowstone caldera explosion, or maybe the Pacific Northwest sub-duction zone, or maybe the San Francisco San Andreas fault, or maybe an ANTIFA round-up.

Goodman actually comes off more sensible than the geriatric cast of rogues in the film, a sort of Lord of The Flies.


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