Analyzing the contributory negligence of the Jenny "Task Force" Moore death August 13, 2018

Updated: Aug 21, 2020


More answers seem to slowly seep to the surface in the mysterious death of Jenny "Task Force" Moore, found dead August 13, 2018 in a Capitol Heights, Maryland hotel. Coincidentally, George Webb and his girl friend "Deep NSA", aka Korean BBQ, had been staying only a few rooms away from the death scene. The "love birds" routinely stayed at the hotel with Jenny Moore.

As the body of Jenny Moore was badly bruised some speculated that actions, or inaction, undertaken by George Webb or his G.F. Korean BBQ may have contributed to the untimely death of the pedophile investigator.

Above: Jenny Moore's twitter account

Many observers of the Internet will recall that Jason Goodman and his side-kick Michael D. Moore of West Chester, Penn., aka "True Pundit", immediately assumed that the death was an Arkansas homicide arranged by former President Bill Clinton (Arkancide). This created immense public interest in Jenny Moore's death and the persons orbiting the death scene (George Webb and Corean BBQ). It was later discovered that Deep NSA was an apparent informant to Jason Goodman.

Unfortunately, the two people that were closest to the mysterious death -- George Webb and Corean BBQ (Jason Goodman informant Deep NSA) -- have apparently refused to discuss the events leading up to the discovery of the battered corpse (8/13/2018). Some eerie events:

Jenny Moore apparently spent 5 - 6 days with former George Webb alleged love interest "Deep Flame",aka Margrett L., from Sonoma County, California. Deep Flame (with apparent connections to China and U.S. Naval intelligence via her husband) was lobbying for safer gasoline cap suppressors to prevent tragic burn incidents. Apparently Deep Flame's daughter was burned in a gas can incident.

At the time of the Jenny Moore death rumors were circulating that Deep Flame (alleged George Webb love interest), aka Margrett L., had spent 5-6 days attempting to help Jenny ween herself off her medications. Apparently, Jenny Moore was a heavy drinker and on several prescription medications during this period. Was Deep Flame trying to have Jenny Moore go "cold turkey" immediately prior to Moore's return to the love nest hotel of George Webb and Deep NSA?

According to eye-witness accounts, Jenny Moore was seen at the hotel Saturday morning with a suit case, two days before her body was found. The rumors at the time was that Jenny had returned from her 5-6 day outing with Deep Flame.

The last tweet (apparently from the phone of Jenny) was Saturday morning, two days before her bruised body was discovered down the hallway from George Webb's love nest.

During this time period Deep Flame apparently called "Farmer Jones", a George Webb side-kick, to explain her actions.

In video content distributed 8/15/2018 Farmer Jones admits that he helped Jenny Moore raise $2,000.00 a month before her death. The funds were apparently to pay for her Capitol Heights, Maryland hotel. Apparently Jenny Moore's debit card had been compromised and her bank account jad been "cleaned out".

Concern was raised that George Webb hated General Michael J. Flynn which apparently angered Jenny Moore and her friend Deep Flame, aka Margrett L. from Sonoma County, California. Some wondered if Deep Flame was allegedly providing guidance and directions o Jenny Moore to "get away" from George Webb and the Capitol Heights, Maryland hotel (which house George Webb, Jenny Moore, and love nest visits from Deep NSA, aka Korean BBQ).

Another eerie matter is the acquisition of the true name of Task Force, which was apparently unknown to most people until a reverse telephone look-up inquiry returned the name JENNY MARIA MOORE. Curious that it was apparently Deep NSA, aka Corean BBQ (an apparent informant to Jason Goodman and Thomas Schoenbberger) that launched the reverse telephone number look-up -- six days before the brusied body was discovered.

Then there are the events in the federal lawsuit George Webb had filed against Imran Awan and the Democratic national Committee (DNC), among-est others. It was curious that Jenny Moore acted as the process service and filed the complaint with Imran Awan a week or so before her death. The service of this lawsuit process also caused more speculation about the death of Jenny Moore.

More questions were raised about the numerous videos created by George Webb that explained how to replace oxycontin with fentanyl to create a death. It is still unclear if Jenny Moore had a prescription to oxycontin.

Then there is the presence of Jason Goodman side-kick Robyn Gritz, supposedly a former F.B.I. agent with srtong connections to General Flynn. She claimed to be the "best friend" of Jenny Moore. George Webb also allegedly raised $38,000 for Gritz to purchase a new Passat luxury car.

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