[ALERT:] Deep NSA informant spied on George Webb for Jason Goodman and CNN's Donie O'Sullivan

Updated: Jul 17, 2021




EDITOR'S NOTE: This article does not address any of the allegations related to the death of Jenny Marie Moore, George Webb Sweigert's former "girl friend". Too much to report about the death August 13, 2018 at the Capitol Heights, Maryland "meth hotel" where George Webb Sweigert was shacked up with his alleged new flame "Deep NSA".



A new dust-up between conspiracy theorist port closer Jason Goodman and Donie O'Sullivan of CNN has caused many Internet observers to harken back to the days of June 14th, 2017. But, in an eerie coincidence Goodman and O'Sullivan may share a common "deep throat", or "Deep NSA" as it were.

6/14/2017 was the infamous date when George Webb (Sweigert) and Jason Goodman created the apparent hoax that a dirty bomb was onboard a container ship (MEMPHIS MAERSK) entering the Port of Charleston. Donie was right there as "Donie on the spot" to publish his CNN article (along with numerous follow-up phone calls to Goodman/Webb) when the event occurred.

Click below for Goodman's PoC Police Report

Jason-Goodman-Police-Report - Copy
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Above: In what appears to be a fake Twitter fight caught on YouTube, Jason "Mockingbird" Goodman rails against CNN's Donie O'Sullivan. But, both shared an informant.

On 6/13/2017, one day before the MEMPHIS MAERSK affair, George Webb was probing the hotel where the 9/11 World Trade Center hijackers stayed near the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (BWI) exit. Across the street is the U.S. National Security Agency, and little did Webb know an armed mystery woman ("Deep NSA", aka Corean Elizabeth Stoughton (CES)) had Webb under her surveillance (at 3 a.m.). According to Stoughton this was a "welfare check".

"It was a set-up intended to frame me," says Goodman about his hoax news reports on the Port of Charleston (PoC).




By her own admission, Deep NSA supplied O'Sullivan with intercepted messages from Webb's electronic devices for the CNN story on COVID-19 patient zero, Army Sergeant and cyclist Maatje Benassi. Deep NSA also communicated with poor ole innocent "patient zero", aka Sgt. Benassi. Rumors are that Sgt. Benassi and Deep NSA became good friends. Much like Deep NSA's friendship with Jenny Marie Moore (found dead on 8/13/2018).

Above: Apparently Deep NSA coordinated the publication of the CNN article about George Webb's Wuhan COVID-19 virus theories. Interestingly, David Charles Hawkins (former ABEL DANGER), Goodman sidekick, now pushes those same theories.



Above: Photo of Faith Goldy by Peter Duke, who has also photographed George Webb (Sweigert), Laura Loomer, Lee Stranahan, Alex Jones, but not Jason Goodman

Unfortunately for fashion photographer Peter Duke he attended a party with George Webb and Deep NSA in attendance. Tribal knowledge of the event indicates that Deep NSA may have paid for all the meals of the evening and drove Mr. Duke to the airport.

Apparently, Mr. Duke was in the process of creating high quality "fashion" photos of alt-right celebrities. Rumors indicate Deep NSA may have handled Duke's electronic device during the evening meal or drive to the airport.

The armed NSA-affiliate provided the same favors for Goodman as she allegedly did for O'Sullivan - namely pass on George Webb's e-mail messages. Clandestine communications between Deep NSA and Goodman contained insider information on Duke's mobile phone (which Goodman used in one of his quack podcasts). Other "insider" information concerned Duke and Steve Bannon funding sources (broadcast by Goodman thanks to Deep NSA).

Above: Intercepted Twitter direct message (DM) private communication between Peter Duke and George Webb. It appears Deep NSA forwarded the intercept to Jason Goodman who used the intercept to ambush Peter Duke with a live phone call.

Deep NSA also kept an "office" in the same building as Lee Stranahan. Stranahan is a long time pal of Goodman (some say a soft porn hobbyist that involved his ex-wife, this apart from the rumors of illegal drug use). Questions are developing about what e-mail messages Deep NSA may have about the purported dating of minors by Goodman.

George Webb remained blissfully dumb while enjoying his new sexual conquest and chauffer, Deep NSA (daughter of major National Security Agency millionaire contractor). This explains the $1,500 theater tickets for George Webb/Deep NSA to attend "Hamilton" at the JFK Center in Washington, D.C.

Above: Artist rendition of Deep NSA "comforting" George Webb after a long day of talking to Sgt. Benassi, visiting Lee's office, and sending e-mail intercepts to alleged reporters.

Above: So-called "night crawler" Deep NSA marketing information for sale.



Above: Many will remember Goodman's confessions about creating videos of his masturbation for a strange woman that he met online, who tried to execute a "ransomware attack" to obtain the 500 nude photos of himself on his laptop device.



Meanwhile, Internet rumors are floating around that SPUTNIK news may be preparing not to extend any more interviews to Goodman as part of his twenty year friendship with Lee Stranahan (Russian news affiliate). Goodman and Stranahan both worked for Brad Parscale's (former Trump campaign manager) father in a murky business. George Webb provided Lee Stranahan a cash payment of $5,000 for questionable expenses (is this more Deep NSA money?).

Above: YouTube video explores George Webb's regret that his physician son, Dr. Joshua Kingsley Sweigert, M.D., (U.C.L.A. Radiology) did not join the Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F.).



As the 27 members of the European Union have concluded, e-mail service providers like PROTONMAIL that offer encrypted e-mail messages are heavily used by pedophiles and terrorists coordinating online. This created suspicion over Jason Goodman's encrypted PROTONMAIL account.

Maryland State Police and Swiss authorities have been alerted to Jason Goodman's e-mail account ( that apparently contains hundreds of messages exchanged between Goodman and FBI informant Oakey Marshall Richards (the source of the "dirty bomb" alert). Rumors have been circulating that Richards is an alleged sexual predator.

Like his YouTube channel, Goodman has claimed in federal court cases to have lost his password to the PROTONMAIL account, prompting inquiries to the National Cyber Security Centre in Geneva, Switzerland (info copies provided to NATO affiliates).

The latest pile of Jason Goodman legal problems seems related to his statements before federal Judge Valerie E. Caproni, Southern District of New York. Apparently, truth is a virtue that Goodman is not that familiar with when speaking to the federal judge. Issues are orbiting about the so-called "unavailability" of the JASON GOODMAN YouTube channel and a covert e-mail address "".

Rumors are circulating that the e-mail address may belong to Goodman informant Corean Elizabeth Stoughton (embedded in George Webb's operations). Goodman has called Ms. Stoughton, Hanover, Maryland, as a witness in one of his many federal lawsuits.

The hearing will delve into the below Court document (click for PDF)

Download PDF • 786KB

Above: The many faces of alleged SPUTNIK contributor and Russian news affiliate Jason Goodman (who spoke perfect Russian to his ex-wife from a Russian satellite country).



Above: Jason Goodman handling his assault weapon at an undisclosed firing range.


Above: Alleged sexual predators George Webb, Jason Goodman and Manuel Chavez, III (founder of QAnon) were all mysteriously linked to the Port of Charleston "dirty bomb hoax" in an eerie manner

Jason "NSA stooge" Goodman


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