[DEFANGO ALERT:] Allegations of criminal subornation of perjury for Manuel Chavez, III

Updated: May 29, 2021

Above: The self-proclaimed creator of QAnon, one Manuel Chavez, III (Carson City, Nevada), aka DEFANGO. Supposed whistle-blower to Jason "Mockingbird" Goodman. Another supposed informant like Deep NSA (Corean Elizabeth Stoughton).




Update: Mr. Jason "Russia's fancy pants" Goodman is the sidewalk pest most New Yorkers are all too familiar with. Goodman is known for filming persons of color with his agitations towards violence during his YouTube podcasts. Mr. Goodman also appears to exhibit a strange interest in handicapped children (fueling alleged sexual predator rumors).

New rumors and allegations are beginning to orbit Jason Goodman and his one time "Seth Rich" sidekick Manuel Chavez, III, aka DEFANGO. Both are considered by many to be "notorious Internet provocateurs" and trolls. These are not related to the rumors and allegations regarding so-called "child rape".

Both Goodman and Chavez appear to fall into the far-right and alt-right pro-Trump camp of "fake news" Internet celebrities that push debunked conspiracy theories. Chavez was once a major promoter of the so-called MAGA Coalition, a shady confederation with ties to former White House advisors. Chavez also worked with disgraced FOX News correspondent Edward Butowsky (alleged Russian ties).

Above: So-called alleged rage-aholic "Russki" Jason Goodman seen screaming into the video camera about Manuel Chavez, III, aka DEFANGO.

Many Internet researchers will recall the direct link between Manuel Chavez, III and Ed Butowsky of Dallas, Texas during the creation of the "SHADOWBOX STRATEGIES" corporation of the State of Delaware. Both Butowsky and Chavez shared the same attorney -- Steven B. Biss, esq. of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Above: Former DEFANGO chum, Edward Butowsky, who settled out of court for financial damages with the parents of the Seth Rich family.

Above: CROWDSOURCE THE TRUTH intense coverage of the SETH RICH affair (see George Webb, former Goodman sidekick).



Above: File photo captured of Jason "Mockingbird" Goodman after Alex Jones made public threats to the NYAG on the CROWDSOURCE THE TRUTH conspiracy podcast.

Above: Internet photo of Manuel Chavez, III (possible perjurer), former sidekick of Ed Butowsky and Jason Goodman (avowed leader of QAnon).

Above: Jason Goodman's sidekick Alex Jones threatens the NYAG (video has been removed as part of an alleged spoliation of evidence scheme cooked up by Goodman to avoid liabilities in his lawsuit against the EMMY Awards).

Alex Jones and Goodman bonded over "lawfare" in the CROWDSOURCE THE TRUTH podcast, which some say made threats against the NYAG. Jones said he was innocent of all charges in his own defamation lawsuits, which Goodman apparently used to create an "us against them" or "you and me against the world" victimization narrative (a Goodman specialty).




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