[ALERT SDNY] What is the Charles Ortel connection to the Bot Sentinel, Christopher Bouzy lawsuit

Updated: Apr 6


The merry travels and journeys of Charles K. Ortel as he travels the streets of Manhattan with his "conspiracy theorist" (SDNY Judge Valerie E. Caproni) friend Jason "Sneaky" Goodman (currently embroiled in at least five lawsuits).


According to Russia's SPUTNIK news service Charles Ortel is a "Wall Street analyst and investigative reporter". Ortel has a history with "R.T." or Russian Television. Save to say Ortel is no stranger to taking money from the Russians.

Charles Ortel spends 2-3 times a week strolling around Manhattan with Jason "Sneaky" Goodman making/speaking in video podcasts 2-3 hours long. Goodman is also no stranger to SPUTNIK, as the Russian news service refers to Goodman as "an investigative reporter" in at least 30 articles.

Both Ortel and Goodman seem to be connected to the murky world of Peter W. Smith and perhaps even General Michael Flynn, according to press reports and lawsuits in the SDNY.

ABOVE: Russian news affiliates Jason "Sneaky" Goodman (conspiracy theorist) and Charles Ortel walk the streets of New York window shopping. Most observers view these "see and do" podcasts as a monotonous cover-up for the mysterious Internet dust-ups over the Peter W. Smith "suicide" or possible "murder" story (see below), aka conspiracy theory.


Is Jason Goodman running cover for the "suicide/murder" story, or whatever it was story, of the death of Peter W. Smith, alleged guy pal or associate of Charles Ortel.

Is Plaintiff Goodman just a runner boy for Ortel to attack Ben Wittes in the Bot Sentinel and Christopher Bouzy lawsuit, presiding judge Analisa Torres (some say SDNY cover-up artist)?

Goodman is suing Twitter maven Christopher Ellis Bouzy of Bot Sentinel, Inc. in the SDNY (1:21-cv-10878-AT-JLC, Analisa Torres, presiding) for Bouzy's lack of interest in the Peter W. Smith "suicide/murder" story, or something like that.

It appears Bouzy thought Goodman was accusing LAWFARE BLOG's Ben Wittes of something, or whatever.

Apparently, according to Goodman, Bouzy may have something to do with something about someone, but could be a "criminal organization". Some people wonder why Goodman accuses sooooooo many people of being in a "criminal organization". Is Goodman in such a group?

Apparently the dust-up between Goodman and Bouzy started when Bouzy defended (on Twitter) Ben Wittes who apparently didn't want to review "evidence" pushed on him by "Sneaky" Goodman about the Peter W. Smith affair.

Many believe, speculation, that "Sneaky's" evidence were merely e-mail messages between Ortel and Peter W. Smith. And, who cares? But, Goodman rattles on about security camera footage from the local Walmart near Peter Smith's hotel, or something like that.

"The Peter Smith stories—between the Journal’s reporting, Tait’s Lawfare account and the latest report from Buzzfeed—describe another plot, one that took shape on this side of the Atlantic. Whether this second plot amounts to a conspiracy is a legal question beyond the scope of this post, but it appears to have involved, at a minimum, an agreement among a number of actors to obtain illegally hacked emails, perhaps by buying them. Tait wrote that he specifically warned Smith that the person purporting to have Clinton’s emails was likely part of Russia’s campaign against the United States and that Smith didn’t care about the source, as long as he got the emails. So it’s certainly plausible that the Smith operation also involved a conspiracy of some sort."

"According to the Journal, several of the people Smith reached out to said that Smith claimed to be working with Michael Flynn, then a senior adviser to candidate Donald Trump. (Flynn has consistently declined to comment on any relationship with Smith.) The Journal referenced emails between Smith and his associates that show they considered Flynn to be their ally."


03/21/2022 JUDICIAL NOTICE, re: of a related filing in an unrelated litigation pertaining to an order from Judge Valerie Caproni of the USDC-SDNY in The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences et al. v. Multimedia System Design, Inc. See Case 1:20cv7269 -VEC-OTW ECF #156. Document filed by Jason Goodman. (sc) (Entered: 03/22/2022)


"Two weeks ago, Wall Street Journal reporter Shane Harris broke an explosive story that received relatively little attention in the national media. Harris found that Peter W. Smith, a Republican operative with a history of partisan skullduggery going back years, sought to obtain hacked Clinton emails on behalf of the Trump presidential campaign. (Smith told people he approached he was working for Michael Flynn.) Smith died shortly after speaking to Harris. Now the Chicago Tribune reports that Smith died of an apparent suicide."

Via his Twitter tweets "Sneaky" Goodman alleges there is some "cover-up" of the Peter W. Smith "murder" conspiracy theory. Sounds like his "Jenny Moore" conspiracy theory, she was assassinated in some kind of Clinton "Arkanicide" on August 13, 2018. For months, Goodman and his "sneaky" pal Michael D. Moore of Philadelphia, Penn. pushed the conspiracy theory that "Jenny Moore" was probably assassinated by the Clinton Cabal. Of course, Robyn Gritz, General Michael Flynn's former aide was in the center of the news coverage on O.A.N.

Many Internet observers blame Magistrate Judge Stewart D, Aaron for allegedly protecting Goodman under an alleged religious preference judicial system at the SDNY.

Above: Jason Goodman, video pal of Charles Ortel, reveals the face of Jenny Moore at another staged press conference about the Seth Rich "murder" conspiracy theory.


"A former New York investment banker turned independent researcher was in close contact during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign with several figures now reportedly under scrutiny in the Robert Mueller probe, but he says he has not been contacted by the office of the special counsel. "

"Through Ortel’s research on alleged corruption at the Clinton Foundation, he became acquainted, and for a time closely aligned, with at least three people whose names have become much more familiar in reporting on the Russia investigation: conservative author Jerome Corsi, who said last week that he expected to be indicted by Mueller’s team for perjury related charges in the coming days; veteran Republican operative and Donald Trump political adviser Roger Stone, who has repeatedly said that he expects to be indicted by Mueller; and the late Chicago-based businessman and Republican operative Peter W. Smith."

"Ortel’s knowledge of Corsi, Stone, and Smith’s activities is significant. Ortel provided research to Corsi that made its way into his 2016 anti-Clinton book, and Ortel had what he describes as endless phone and email conversations with the late Smith. Yet, he says Mueller’s office has not contacted him let alone asked him to turn over any of his communications with Corsi, Stone, or the late Smith."

"Ortel was also named in two Wall Street Journal reports in October delving into the activities of Smith, who died in May 2017 in a hotel room near the Mayo Clinic in what authorities ruled to be a suicide. Ortel spoke with Smith by phone the day he died, and was shocked to learn later that Smith had committed suicide." Laura Rozen Nov 19, 2018

ABOVE: Peter W. Smith is in the middle of the firestorm between "Sneaky" Goodman and Chris Ellis Bouzy, New Jersey. Goodman alleges Bouzy was sent in as some kind of attack dog for something called a "LAWFARE BLOG" to cover-up, or something like that, some possible murder, or something like that, of Ortel's friend -- Peter W. Smith.



"Days after speaking with The Wall Street Journal about his attempts to work with Russian hackers to obtain deleted e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s private server, Republican operative Peter W. Smith died of an apparent suicide in a Minnesota hotel room, the Chicago Tribune reports. “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER,” read a suicide note left behind at the scene. “RECENT BAD TURN IN HEALTH SINCE JANUARY, 2017 . . . TO LIFE INSURANCE OF $5 MILLION EXPIRING.”

Smith, 81, who had implied to those he approached that he was working for former Trump campaign adviser Michael Flynn, though he’d later tell the Journal that Flynn was not involved in his search for the e-mails, was said to be in poor health, former associates told the Tribune. Shane Harris, who wrote the explosive Journal story about Smith weeks ago, said that he “had no indication that [Smith] was ill or planning to take his own life” after the Tribune published its story Thursday. The hotel in Rochester, Minnesota where Smith was staying is known to be frequented by Mayo Clinic patients, but a spokeswoman did not confirm to the Tribune if Smith had been a patient there."


Ortel's folksy stories, while walking around with Jason Goodman (another SPUTNIK talent), relive his privileged upbringing in Manhattan and his entry into upper class business schools. Mr. Ortel graduated from Horace Mann School, Yale College and Harvard Business School. (Thus "Dr." Jerome Corsi, PhD and Charles Ortel are both Harvard grads).

Interesting that both Ortel and Robert David Steele have written articles, or have been extensively quoted, for the Tehran, IRAN Times (see below). Robert David Steele sued Jason Goodman.

"Charles Ortel is an investor and writer interested in economics, geo-politics, history, travel and just, lasting peace." Terhan Times

ABOVE: More window shopping for "Sneaky" and sidekick Ortel.


Charles Ortel appears to be the darling of a SPUTNIK writer known as Ekaterina Blinova. Ortel appears to be quoted in over 200 times in various SPUTNIK articles, most written by Blinova.

Below depicts SPUTNIK featured media talent Lee Stranahan, a life long friend of Brad Parscale, TRUMP organization's campaign strategist. Jason Goodman is also life long friends with Lee Stranahan and Brad Parscale.

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