[ALERT SDNY] Wall Street gasps as Odysee may be added to Jason Goodman copyright lawsuit

Updated: Apr 8


Odysee Holdings, Inc. has enough troubles without court designated conspiracy theorist adding to them. Blockchain-based video sharing platform Odysee may become embroiled in an apparent copyright lawsuit with stiff and dull content creator "Block Head" Jason Goodman while his pal Charles Ortel seems to orbit the mess.

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Goodman shows off for Charles Ortel in the Chelsea section of NYC

No one can seem to understand why Odysee Holdings, Inc. would risk further entanglements with the U.S. Government by hosting the man who shut down the Port of Charleston, South Carolina with a "dirty bomb hoax".

"Sneaky" Goodman broadcasts to his dwindling audience about his legal fights with the EMMY Television Awards on Rumble and Odysee as his YouTube accounts are again in trouble. Most believe those YouTube accounts will be gone in a few weeks, like his Twitter accounts.

Latest EMMY Awards legal filings (4/6/2022) against "Sneaky" Goodman below:

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Meanwhile, the U.S. Government does not seem to be a fan of Jason Goodman or Odysee's blockchain approach to video content distribution. The U.S. Government is presently suing Odysee's infrastructure provider ("LBRY, Inc.") and some believe Odysee will be next. Jason Goodman's antics don't seem to help.

Recent activities of "Sneaky" Jason Goodman may have created more reasons for yet another government agency to begin an investigation into Odysee. Sneaky's antics in federal courts (Detroit and New York) have raised Odysee's "attack surface" for the U.S. Government. Time will tell.

Click below for court document:

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ABOVE: Stiff and dull content provider "Sneaky" Jason Goodman seen on his SDNY court designated "trafficking in conspiracies show."

Odysee has been pushed on the Internet as some kind of alternative to YouTube, aka "true YouTube". Odysee Holdings, Inc. is apparently operated by the LBRY blockchain (specialized LBRY protocol). Odysee uses LBRY (like WordPress) to create a platform very similar to Youtube.

Odysee acts as a user interface to the "LBRY network". LBRY, Inc., of New Hampshire, is presently being sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) for the apparent sale of "unlicensed securities". Ouch.

New rumors indicate that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has been provided allegations about the potential trafficking in stolen content by "Sneaky" Jason Goodman on Odysee.

Apparently Odysee can not remove illegally obtained copyrighted materials off the LBRY block-chain network -- technically speaking. Thus, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission may have to act in concert with the SEC in a multi-jurisdictional investigation to protect consumer rights.

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Goodman seems to rejoice and revel in the fact that nothing of any consequence happened to him after his apparent smear campaign on court officials in Detroit, Michigan. That's apparently called the "DRAIN EFFECT" after Judge Gershwin Drain.

ABOVE: Judge Gershwin Drain linked to forged document investigation sponsored by "Sneaky" Goodman in the Michigan Eastern District.

There has been some trouble in the past (see letter below) with Odysee hosting Boston Neo-Nazis.


There are mixed reviews on Odysee content. Some say Odysee is just a collection of twisted anti-social psychopathic deformities.

The interface of Odysee is nearly identical to YouTube. Users can upload videos onto their channels, viewers indicate their approval by liking videos and leaving comments, and the homepage lists popular topic categories of videos trending on the site.

While YouTube stores video uploads onto its centralised servers, Odysee works like a peer-to-peer data exchange distributed over a network in order to avoid centralised servers.

As social media platforms transition from older models of operation led by big tech towards community-driven decentralised blockchain networks, our approach to countering potential terrorist activity and content also has to shift to reflect these new standards.

Odysee is a centralized platform that aggregates and moderates the content on the LBRY blockchain in a way that is similar to Youtube.

It was only a few months ago when Odysee dodged a bullet with Rumble.

On December 9, Rumble’s recently-hired high profile General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Michael Ellis, who formally served in senior legal and policy roles in the intelligence community, the White House, and Congress, sent a letter to Odysee CEO Julian Chandra and requested an immediate retraction and correction of the tweet which he said “falsely claimed that Rumble has misled its investors with respect to its user engagement statistics.”

New allegations indicate that Odysee is a favorite platform for "Sneaky" Jason Goodman to re-upload stolen copyrighted video content. Essentially, some say, Goodman is not only "trafficking in conspiracy theories" but also trafficking in stolen video content as well.


Apparently a few Odysee users were recently sued for uploading files for the ability to create firearms with 3D printers.

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Goodman and George Webb in happier times chasing the true murderer of Seth Rich with their infamous "Who Spoofed The Seth Rich files". Some say GEORGE WEBB will become the next Julian Assange.

ABOVE: GEORGE WEBB happily mails process service to "Sneaky" Goodman as part of a slander lawsuit addressing the "Sneaky" Goodman so-called "court forgery" conspiracy theory implicating the Clerk of the Court in the Detroit federal court.

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