[ALERT SDNY SPYING]: Magistrate Stewart D. Aaron may be sucked into potential criminal investigation

Updated: Apr 6

Looks like SDNY Magistrate Stewart D. Aaaron may be in hot water over the apparent approval of secret search warrants against Project Veritas. Conspiracy theorist Jason Goodman has already filed statements about potential corruption of court employees with SDNY Judge Analisa Torres.

ABOVE: Artist's rendition of Magistrate Stewart D. Aaron realizing he has "SDNY SPYING" blood on his hands. "I shouldn't have shown religious preference to Jason Goodman, arrggghh," he apparently muttered.

ABOVE: Alleged woman hater "Sneaky" Goodman who apparently drove a 72 y.o. woman to an early grave. Big, tough Jason "attack the elderly" Goodman (friend of Charles Ortel).

Meanwhile, another federal judge has dismissed the SDNY lawsuit Project Veritas vs. CNN.

ABOVE: Photo from James O’Keefe’s Instagram, see Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against CNN By Project Veritas

A federal judge has thrown out the defamation lawsuit filed by Project Veritas against CNN, saying that their accusations “did not rise to the level of actionable claim.

Last year, Twitter suspended the organization, and CNN’s coverage of the situation led to Project Veritas’ lawsuit.

They allege that CNN misrepresented the reasons for their suspension from the social media platform. On-air, the network said that Project Veritas was suspended for “spreading disinformation.”


It now appears that the Flying Dutchman ghost ship may actually be piloted by Magistrate Stewart D. Aaron. Conspiracy theorist "Sneaky" Goodman is already pressing criminal charges against court staff in an unrelated case.

It was Goodman that first brought the meme "Flying Dutchman" to the forefront of the alt-right social media echo chamber.

Goodman is under the authority of the Magistrate in the case known as Sweigert vs. Goodman, the apparent Flying Dutchman lawsuit.

Goodman has stated (many, many times) that he believes in conspiracy theories involving corruption in the federal courts -- and, he wants everyone to know he is on the case.

ABOVE: Second Amendment advocate Jason "Sneaky" Goodman flipped off by yet another New Yorker being filmed without his consent.

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Goodman wants NYPD to arrest a woman that was "assaulting him".

ABOVE: Confident "Sneaky" Goodman (aka Karen drama queen) broadcasts outside the 10th precinct of the NYPD, turning over "evidence of felonies", apparently related to courthouse corruption. Or else people following Goodman and flipping him off.

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Jason Goodman

Meanwhile, "Sneaky" Karen is suing George Webb of the United Kingdom in the SDNY.


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