[ALERT SDNY] Miranda Devine chums it up with NYC's own conspiracy theorist and "Taylor Lorenz" doxer

Updated: Apr 27

Could this be love for two Internet apparent grifters that attack handicap children? Have the romantic stars lined up for some wash-out from Australian and a Hollywood "has been"?

Conservative "author" Miranda Devine (apparently left Australia for New York) seems blissfully unaware of New York City's own "Taylor Lorenz" wannabee, the notorious Jason "Sneaky" Goodman (designated a 'conspiracy theorist" by the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.)). Maybe "Sneaky" is a turn on for Ms. Devise?

Miranda Devise, accused of spreading conspiracy rumors to hurt a 9 y.o. dwarf seeking a financial contribution campaign, wants to share the spotlight with good ole "Sneaky" Goodman at the Young Republics meeting in New York.

Google Quaden Bayles

Goodman and Ms. Devine seem to share the same pesky habit of getting sued for supposed defamation claims over apparent conspiracy theories. Sounds like a match made in Heaven.

"A young Queensland boy featured in a viral video about being bullied over his condition of dwarfism has launched a defamation lawsuit against News Corp columnist Miranda Devine and the media giant.

Quaden Bayles, then 9, made global headlines in February when his mother posted a video of him crying after being bullied at school.

He lives with achondroplasia, a common form of dwarfism, and reveals in the video – viewed by millions of people – his mental health struggles."


The New York Post columnist, Miranda Devine would undoubtedly be aware of "businessman" Felix Sater (with a colorful history of smashing cocktail glasses into people's jaws) and his lawyer -- John Hoover Snyder.

In recent S.D.N.Y. court filings, "Sneaky" alludes to paying "$180,000" to his incompetent attorney (Sneaky's words) John Hoover Snyder, aka Jonathan Snyder.

"Sneaky" Goodman appears to be just another narcissistic social climber that craves acceptance into New York Society and wants Charles Ortel to guide him there. But, like Miranda Devine "Sneaky" Goodman is in a never ending battle to hide his disgusting past activities.

ABOVE: Harvard educated attorney John Hoover Snyder appears on the Jason "Sneaky" Goodman show "that traffics in wild conspiracy theories".

ABOVE: Charles Ortel appears to be the "talent/guest coordinator" to drag New York Post reporter Miranda Devine on to the show 'that traffics in conspiracy theories" to discuss her book about another so-called conspiracy theory.

Ironic that the so-called attack on the 9 y.o. dwarf was apparently based on conspiracy theories. Seems defamation and conspiracy theories is a cottage industry for those that "traffic" in them.

But, why would Jason Goodman be sooooo enthralled by Miranda Devine that he strikes a wedding cake pose with Ms. Devise. This causes people to wonder if Goodman had sex with Miss Devine.

There is another explanation. If indeed Jason "Sneaky" Goodman is a malignant narcissist, this would explain his constant craving at climbing into respectable New York society with his conspiracy show and dwindling audience.



"A malignant narcissist is a term used to describe a person who has symptoms of both narcissistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder. Combined, these disorders can show up as arrogance, a need for power and recognition, and tendencies to use or exploit others for selfish reasons. Like most personality disorders, malignant narcissism interferes with relationships and is considered largely untreatable."

The Jason Goodman show is -- more or less -- a documentary into the mind of a so-called malignant narcissist as "Sneaky" walks and rages in the streets of Chelsea (gag) talking about his half dozen various lawsuits. If the audience waits long enough they are treated with another street altercation between "Sneaky" and a family pushing a stroller, a homeless person, skate-boarder or any other innocents.

"People with narcissistic personality disorder tend to exhibit grandiose attitudes, feel superior to others, need excessive praise and validation, and respond very poorly to even the slightest criticism. People with antisocial personality disorder lack empathy, disregard the feelings and needs of others, and use and exploit others to meet their needs. Malignant narcissists tend to display a mix of these traits and behaviors, which keep them from forming healthy relationships."

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Goodman (an alleged malignant narcissist) being forcibly ejected by hotel security from a Las Vegas, Nevada event after antagonizing a speaker.

1. In the case of "Sneaky" Goodman (the apparent malignant narcissist) Internet followers recall the horrible treatment received by Goodman side-kicks to include George Webb, Quinn Michaels, Manny Grossman, Kevin Shipp. Robert David Steele, Trish Negron, Susan Holmes, Bishop Larry Gaiters, Scott Allen Bennett, etc. And this is a short list!

2. Goodman's childish screaming after being thrown out of the CPAC (American Conservative Union) Orlando conference rings in the ears of some to this day. In fact, hotel security called his cell phone to tell "Sneaky" he was banned from the hotel. Then there are the abusive phone calls to the federal court staff in Detroit, Michigan at their homes and to cell phones of spouses -- demanding answers to conspiracy theories. The Television EMMY Awards are all too familiar with the "mouse that roared".

3. "Sneaky" Goodman (alleged malignant narcissist) is famous for his heated screaming at N.Y.P.D. officers for not responding on command to Goodman's zany requests. Goodman is usually insulting calling N.Y.P.D. officers fat, lazy, stupid and should be fired for not obeying him.

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Goodman pointing what appears to be a malignant narcissistic finger at an N.Y.P.D. police officer.

4. Internet observers wonder about the five year grudge "Sneaky" has had against all-American good-guy (pure heart - empty head) George Webb. "Sneaky" apparently threw Webb onto the streets of Chelsea (gag) and locked him out of Sneaky's apartment. Webb apparently could not get his clothes, toothbrush and computer laptop for one week while "Sneaky" broadcast videos about Webb's drinking problems. Five years later, Sneaky has been unrelenting in near daily viscous attacks against Webb for supposed conspiracies to "make me look bad" (Sneaky's words).

ABOVE: George Webb and "Sneaky" Goodman discuss a taco salad at Trump Tower.

5. When Robert David Steele died Sneaky said he would happily dance a gig on Steele's grave. Sounds like a totally well adjusted response. In the clip below it is interesting how "Christian" Lee Stranahan tolerates Goodman's joy over someone's death. Did someone say "Creep Fest"?

6. "Sneaky" Goodman recently wrote a 20 paragraph blog describing his innocence at being denied entrance to the CPAC event in Orlando, Florida (Conservative Political Action Conference, American Conservative Union). Goodman blathers on how nothing he did (except attempt to used a forged guest pass) was his fault, AND that CPAC was essentially a criminal organization, bla, bla, bla.

The CPAC incident was just another in a long line of ejections from polite company and decent people.


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