[ALERT SDNY SPYING]: Judge Valerie E. Caproni faces another Jason Goodman legal paradox

Updated: Mar 23

In the ever expanding world of a paranoid conspiracy theorist it seems demanding criminal investigations is all the rage. So-called "nut bag' social media super troll Jason Goodman is now demanding over six (6) criminal investigations.

Meanwhile, Jason Goodman recently shocked his dwindling conspiracy show audience with references to a "Flying Dutchman" lawsuit. Goodman (aka "Sneaky") also made references to another "legal paradox" for SDNY Judge Valerie E. Caproni.

This is the mind of a so-called paranoid conspiracy theorist.

Apparently "Sneaky" Goodman was referring to the defamation lawsuit that has turned into a legal ghost ship.


Flying Dutchman, in European maritime legend, spectre ship doomed to sail forever; its appearance to seamen is believed to signal imminent disaster. In the most common version, the captain, Vanderdecken, gambles his salvation on a rash pledge to round the Cape of Good Hope during a storm and so is condemned to that course for eternity.

The adoption of the Legend of the Flying Dutchman by popular culture seems perfectly natural. After all, it is nothing more than a fable of the seas, a fairy tale concocted from the superstitious fears of sailors. Or is it? For as late as the twentieth century, sailors have been reporting sightings of the shade of the cursed ship, sailing the seas before them- something they regarded as a warning of impending bad luck or doom. So, is there any truth behind the myth? And if so, what inspired the legend of the Flying Dutchman?

ABOVE: Many conspiracy theorists wonder if the Flying Dutchman is a reference to the M/V MEMPHIS MAERSK that survived a potential "dirty bomb" in the Port of Charleston, S.C. "Sneaky" Goodman reported on the MEMPHIS MAERSK extensively.



"Sneaky" Goodman was about to face trial in Sweigert vs. Goodman in the SDNY. A voluntary dismissal was filed by the Plaintiff to bring some peace back to the SDNY. But, now the Plaintiff has sought reconsideration of the voluntary dismissal after "Sneaky" Goodman riddled the U.S. Courts with his "Richard Loury" forgery conspiracy theories.


Sneaky has accused his old pal George Webb of filing "forged documents" in yet another SDNY lawsuit, Goodman vs. Christopher Bouzy and George Webb.

ABOVE: "SNEAKY" accuses George Webb of lying in the Jason Goodman vs. Chris Bouzy and George Webb lawsuit in the SDNY.


Meanwhile, in Jason Goodman vs. Adam Sharp and the EMMY Television Awards Judge Valerie E. Caproni ruled on "Sneaky's" attempt to jump court cases with requests for "clarification" (hmmmm... ghost of Larry Klayman, Captain of the Flying Dutchman any one?).

ABOVE: While drowning in litigation quick sand, "Sneaky" Goodman tries to pawn off a "legal paradox" on to Judge Caproni, who was having none of it.

ABOVE: Who is the Captain of the legal Flying Dutchman? Is it the attorney for Felix Sater, John H. Snyder?

ABOVE: Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones appears on "Sneaky" Goodman's interview show to trash New York State's Attorney General (NYAG).

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