[ALERT SDNY] NBC calls out Alex Jones pal Jason Goodman "who traffics in conspiracy theories"

Updated: Apr 20


Now that NBC News has merely quoted Judge Valerie E. Caproni in the EMMY Television Awards lawsuit ("Jason Goodman" .. "traffics in wild conspiracy theories", Mr. Jason Conspiracy Theorist Goodman went ballistic. When that happens "Sneaky" Goodman takes to the streets of the poor side of Chelsea (gag) in New York City to rage walk.


ALEX JONES (Industries) has declared bankruptcy! New fears that courts will suffer alt-right acts of sabotage. Listen up people, this is serious! Hollywood elitist Jason Goodman is a former sidekick of Alex Jones.

April 19th is the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and the David Koresh "Waco" fire bombing. Government warns that anti-government militants (resembling courtroom "terrorist" Jason Goodman) may be planning "events".

The S.D.N.Y. courthouse should be on high alert 4/19/2022 as Jason "Sneaky" Goodman will be loitering in the Clerk's office to file his so-called response to the Television EMMY Awards.

ABOVE: Alex Jones appears on the Jason "Sneaky" Goodman show (broadcasting from ODYSEE). Here, Jones threatens the New York State Attorney General (NYAG) along with Sneaky. Whereabouts of Charles Ortel were undetermined at the time.

ABOVE: Charles Ortel


Unfortunately for Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.) judge Valerie E. Caproni, she chose April 19th for anti-government anti-vaxxer Jason "Sneaky" Goodman to file a "response brief" in her court. The Television EMMY Awards filed a motion to dismiss, then "Sneaky" clogged the docket with five (5) repetitive and voluminous filings about Frank Scherma.

ABOVE: C.E.O. of the "EMMY AWARDS" Frank Scherma. "Sneaky" Goodman served Scherma at his Beverly Hills home in California. Goodman says Scherma may be a criminal for violating the Internal Revenue Service Code.

Download PDF • 138KB

Rumors are circulating that Frank Scherma may sue Jason "Sneaky" Goodman for abuse of process and malicious prosecution. Ouch!

"Sneaky" Goodman decided to sue Frank Scherma of the Television EMMY Awards as a "sovereign citizen" style courtroom attack to wash away the legal judgements against him.

Judge Caproni has classified "Sneaky" as a "conspiracy theorist" who "traffics in conspiracy theories" on his ODYSEE social media channel.

Apparently, "Sneaky" let it slip in a court filing that he paid "$180,000" in legal fees to some New York City lawyer that is defending "businessman" Felix Sater. Ouch!

Latest court ORDER below:

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FUN FACT: In a recent video (presumably published on ODYSEE) "Sneaky" admits that he had to pay his tax liability with a credit card. Yikes!

ABOVE: "Sneaky" outside MORTON WILLIAMS grocery store, where Jason claims "I saw a rat". Sounds like another lawsuit for "Sneaky".


When not chasing rats around the Chelsea Section of New York (gag), "Sneaky" is submitting more "forgery" documents with Judge Valerie E. Caproni. Apparently, Judge Caproni has replaced Judge Gershwin Drain (Michigan's Eastern District) as a judge that allows "forged documents", "fraud on the court" and criminal conduct.

"Sovereign citizen" legal expert Goodman specializes in making broadcasts on ODYSEE concerning his important legal filings that allege criminal conduct; mail fraud, fraud on the court, forged documents, violations of Michigan Penal Code, etc.

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ABOVE: Jason "Sneaky" Goodman presumably is discussing the size of a wedding cake if his potential wife Quinn Michaels says "I do". These strange videos fueled rumors that Goodman and Michaels might be contemplating a marriage of some sort.

ABOVE: Jason "Sneaky" Goodman and alleged boyfriend Quinn Michaels visit a Satanic book store in Los Angeles, California.

ABOVE: Some people wonder if Jason Goodman is the Quinn Michaels to Charles Ortel.

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