[ALERT SDNY] Judge issues orders in "Amber Heard" Christopher E. Bouzy @cbouzy lawsuit

Updated: Jun 3

Christopher E. Bouzy is the new darling of the Amber Heard "bot attack" press frenzy. Perfect timing for the Magistrate Judge in Jason "Sneaky" Goodman vs. Christopher E. Bouzy to issue new orders.


In an eerie twist the divorce action of Johnny Depp has crossed the litigation territory of the lawsuit brought by Hollywood so-called "pervert" Jason "Sneaky" Goodman against his former room-mate George Webb and Christopher Bouzy of Bot Sentinel, Inc.

Below is a Hollywood so-called "pervert" Jason "Sneaky" Goodman tweet that accuses Christopher Bouzy of apparently interfering with one of Goodman's "murder investigations" (see his Seth Rich murder investigation).

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