[ALERT SDNY SPYING]: Judge Analisa Torres will listen to Jason Goodman cry criminal investigations

Updated: Mar 28


Move over Judge Valerie E. Caproni, here comes feisty Latina Judge Analisa Torres to get in the face of the CrowdSource The Truth "conspiracy theorist" Jason Goodman. Goodman is hauling his former business partner into court as a pro se plaintiff.

In yet another lawsuit clogging the SDNY, Jason Goodman is suing his old beloved side-kick George Webb (aka Super Mario Brother) and some guy named Chris Bouzy who operates a "bot" detector called BotSentinel.

Goodman claims that George Webb accused him of raping the UNICEF girl.

ABOVE: Supposed alleged UNICEF rape victim discussed in lawsuit

The new question is, "will Judge Torres be as open to Goodman's comedy routines as Judge Caproni?" Many observers saw the TWA flight 800 baggage that Judge Caproni drags around as her downfall in dealing with "Sneaky" Goodman.

ABOVE: Federal Judge Analisa Torres

Jason "Sneaky" Goodman


1:21-cv-10878-AT-JLC Goodman v. Bouzy et al

Analisa Torres, presiding

Date filed: 12/19/2021

Plaintiff Jason Goodman

Represented byJason Goodman

2XX 7th Avenue

Apt. XX

New York, NY 10001

323 744 7XXX



Defendant Christopher Ellis Bouzy

Defendant Bot Sentiel, Inc.

Defendant George Webb Sweigert

ABOVE: Chris Bouzy appears on the left

ABOVE: Alleged doxing of Chris Bouzy

Now it is up to Judge Torres to play her part in the legal charade and try to hold back her laughter as she reads the complaint that accuses George Webb of stating that "Sneaky" Goodman raped the poster girl for UNICEF.

In a weird twist of fate, Judge Torres also presides over the VERITAS lawsuit.

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