[BITCOIN LAW] F.B.I. Crypto Police may assume S.E.C. probe that threatens cryptocurrency's future

Updated: Apr 12


Eun Young Choi is the new (temporary) sheriff in the town of cryptocurrency. Yes, folks she is from the S.D.N.Y. U.S. Attorney's office and yes, she carries a gold badge. But, she doesn't carry a gun (Harvard College and Harvard Law School). Maybe she is looking to make a name for herself in the Deputy Attorney General's (A.G.) office. The A.G. likes one sugar in his coffee Ms. Choi.

So move over corrupt U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.), looks like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) are going to spike the litigation coffee pot in cryptocurrency town. S.E.C. goes the way of the doo-doo (or dodo?) bird. Just another corrupt agency (so what).

Sorry to hear about those conflict of interest charges. Ouch! What kind of coffee does the Chairman of the S.E.C. like?

"Empower Oversight Obtains Additional Documents Shedding Light on Potential Cryptocurrency Conflicts of Interest within the SEC

April 8, 2022

WASHINGTON — Empower Oversight received just under 200 pages of emails from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) responsive to its FOIA request for records that could shed light on allegations of conflicts of interest associated with the SEC’s selective enforcement actions involving cryptocurrencies. This comes on the heels of over a thousand pages of documents that the SEC released to Empower Oversight in February."

The unregulated cryptocurrency litigation party may be over for the S.E.C. clown show as the Virtual Assets Unit of F.B.I. may now been in possession of a file or brief on certain players in the crypto conspiratainment industry. Ouch.

ABOVE: Yes, there is C.I.A. involvement, but "you can't handle the truth".

Keep an eye on the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team (NCET).

"Blockchain technologies emerged onto the scene more than a decade ago. As a revolutionary moment in the world of business, finance, and so much more, the arrival of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies heralded a revolution. Now, large institutions to bankers to executives across different fields have made the switch to this fast-paced, yet niche market."


So, exactly how will F.B.I. investigations differ from the S.E.C. (now that the S.E.C. itself is under investigation). Cryptocurrency executives should learn how the F.B.I. uses a galaxy of paid informants. Whether the confidential informant (C.I.) is right or wrong about criminal corruption in your company, the C.I. still gets paid.

That seems to be the situation concerning what LBRY / Odysee is going through presently (story below). An F.B.I. snitch has set-up on their network. (Trojan horse anyone?) But first, some background.


Apparently nervous crypto investors have not forgotten about the failure of the Toronto-based cryptocurrency exchange (see Gerald Cotton) in 2018.

Back then, it was curious how a vulgar Hollywood filmmaker started his rolling social media documentary about the so-called block-chain "Ponzi scheme" STEEMIT (right at about the same time as the Toronto-crypto-exchange collapse in 2018).

This F.B.I. informant published about 100 YouTube videos about a "monetized decentralized distribution network" that the F.B.I. was going to break-up. In the videos, this guy said he had evidence of felony crimes that he was passing to the New York F.B.I. in the S.D.N.Y. He loved to proclaim his calls to the F.B.I., unlike most F.B.I. informants.

The Hollywood filmmaker snitch "turned over" his "empirical evidence" to the S.D.N.Y. F.B.I. in April 2018. Sounds like the perfect snitch for the crypto police.

(Current lawsuits involving Hollywood filmmaker and F.B.I. informant Jason Goodman of New York City: (S.D.N.Y. cases) Goodman v. Bouzy et al, Goodman v. Sharp et al, Sweigert v. Goodman, Steele et al v. Goodman (Virginia) and National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Inc. et al v. Multimedia System Design, Inc.).

It has been four (4) years since F.B.I. informant Goodman "turned over" all his evidence of an extortion gang using STEEMIT for "associated" and "related" federal crimes. Many people on social media in 2018 liked the way Goodman "paints the target" with his criminal felony brush. A true set-up artist. (Sorry LBRY / Odysee).

ABOVE: Creepy Jason "Sneaky" Goodman

"Jason Goodman is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker... After leaving Hollywood Jason began a new career in the field of independent journalism. . . . Crowdsource the Truth turns the page on traditional journalism by combining it with the powerful interactivity of social media and reality television. "

Anyone can Google "Jason Goodman STEEMIT" or "DTube". In 2018 Jason Goodman brazenly said STEEMIT and D.Tube were part of a complicated Ponzi scheme.

D.Tube was the first crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain using the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system.

Goodman broadcasted to thousands of viewers in April 2018 that he had hard evidence of felonies in what he called a block-chain "Ponzi scheme". He went on to brag that he was working closely with F.B.I. special agents (with a wink wink to Robyn Gritz [see below]).

2018: Jason Goodman "Steemit has a market capitalization over $400M but their NYC office is just a PO Box. Is this standard operating procedure for a decentralized tech company or a red flag indicating potential fraud? "

These co-conspirators (according to Goodman at the time) used a "monetized block-chain network" to operate a Ponzi scheme to defraud consumers. Goodman said the crypto police at the F.B.I. were investigating. He had proof.

Recently the nearly 100 social media videos about STEEMIT and crypto frauds Goodman distributed in 2018 have been scrubbed from the Internet. So have hundreds of other videos depicting Goodman as a Qanon-based conspiracy theory believing misinformation spreader.

At the time Jason "Sneaky" Goodman (who shared an attorney with New York Russian businessman Felix Sater) was crying "ransomware", "ransomware" up and down the social media conspiracy conventions and press events.

Apparently, F.B.I. Special Agent Brittany Custer (code name Rollo Tomasi) would be working with Goodman as he led the investigation into the "monetized decentralized distributed defamation and harassment" platform, aka STEEMIT in 2018. Aka LBRY/Odysee in 2022?


In an eerie coincidence, the LBRY and Odysee block-chain payment scheme seems to have nearly identical allegations and scope of capabilities to the scheme Jason Goodman described to the F.B.I. in April 2018.

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Goodman discusses the STEEMIT conspiracy of a "decentralized distributed defamation and harassment" platform under F.B.I. investigation with then darling Quinn Michaels (an alleged dead beat dad). Goodman told S.D.N.Y. Judge Valerie E. Caproni that Quinn was the possible victim of a microwave oven death ray attack.

In 2018 it was "STEEMIT" that was used as the "monetized decentralized distributed and harassment" platform to attack "Sneaky", according to Goodman. Now it appears that "LBRY/Odysee" may fill that identical role. It is deja vu again.

ABOVE: Artist rendition of SDNY court designated conspiracy theorist Jason "Sneaky" Goodman turning over evidence to FBI investigators.

The thorny issue is even more complicated by the fact that "conspirators" (using Goodman lingo) can coordinate by observing images in videos, which are actually used to send instructions to co-conspirators.

Download PDF • 131KB

ABOVE: Latest "conspiracy theory" legal document posted to Jason Goodman's S.D.N.Y. blog account (Southern District of New York).

ABOVE: Jason "Sneaky" Goodman with his long pal (possible financial advisor) former Wall Street gadfly Charles Ortel.


Even though Karen-esque Jason "Sneaky" Goodman as been labeled a so-called twisted anti-social psychopathic deformity, some say he might be on to something.

Seems like copyright infringed files cannot be removed from the block-chain (is this true?). Smells like willful and perhaps criminal defiance of U.S. Copyright laws.

How will Odysee Holdings, Inc. be able to comply with a copyright take down notice on an LBRY block-chain network? Is it even technically possible? Seems very reminiscent of the STEEMIT/FBI scandal of April 2018.

Based on empirical evidence it almost seems like they send in Goodman to wreak havoc on some "up and coming" societal initiative (did someone say "cryptocurrency").

Sorry LBRY/Odysee looks like you are going to be working for the F.B.I. henceforth. You will need to get used to it.

Internet observers are wondering when the F.B.I. will begin a new investigation against LBRY/Odysee for potential criminal and willful infringement of U.S. Copyright laws.

ABOVE: Observers wonder who "ODYSEE, INC." could be?

The use of vague and ambiguous corporate names and mailing addresses seems to add to the so-called "fly by night" appearance of these companies.


It has been reported that the late Jacquelyn Weaver (72) was compiling a file on some of these aforementioned players, and that she had turned over said file to the office of the F.B.I. in Mississippi shortly before her death. Ouch! Is that why she suddenly had a mysterious death, like another reporter named Jenny Marie Moore(?).

Jason "Sneaky" Goodman had placed several documents on the court's records accusing Ms. Weaver of working within a conspiracy funded by "George Webb". Goodman threatened Ms. Weaver with several social media broadcasts apparently, just a few days before her death. Hmmmm. Sounds like Jenny Moore, deja vu again.

ABOVE: The death of Jenny Marie Moore, hmmm, another F.B.I. persona -- Robyn Gritz (far right). Wasn't she General Michael Flynn's personal aide and a big buddy to "Sneaky" Goodman. She suddenly managed news media stories about "Task Force", aka Jenny Moore, and her death at George Webb's hotel.

ABOVE: People question Jason "Sneaky" Goodman's long association with paid F.B.I. informant Oakey Marshall Richards and F.B.I. retired Special Agent Robyn Gritz (former aide to General Michael Flynn).

Who Shall Plead for Queen Tut_ _ Tracking The Leopard Meroz - Copy
Download PDF • 449KB

Remember "Sneaky's" F.B.I. pal Oakey Marshall Richards (OMR), who was an expert at putting militia members in jail? Just like the Michigan Militia members involved in the "kidnapping" plot of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Set-up artist OMR would have been green with envy.

The Unusual Telephone Calls of FBI Info...ards, Jr. _ Tracking The Leopard Meroz - Copy
Download PD • 678KB

ABOVE: F.B.I. set-up artists and confidential informants pushed the Michigan Governor hoax "kidnapping conspiracy" (now labeled just another F.B.I. confidential informant scam).

Reminds some Internet observers of the good ole days, just like Jason Goodman's old pal Oakey Marshall Richards. Locking up the militia is fun. Right "Sneaky"? Confidential informants get paid money. Right "Sneaky"?

Jason Goodman and Queen Tut_ No Cloak for their Sin _ Tracking The Leopard Meroz - Copy
Download PD • 584KB

Most say that "Sneaky" Goodman's main audience are bigoted lowlifes. So naturally, "Sneaky" Goodman's former business partner "George Webb" was listed as the ring-leader for the monetized extortion blackmail ring with someone called "Queen Tut" (see below) and a dozen others (see Goodman's court filings).

Meanwhile, F.B.I. doctrine seems to support the investigation of "associated" or "related" crimes that have connections with cryptocurrencies. The monetization aspects of underwriting "related/associated" crimes appeared to be the supporting rationale for such an investigation in 2018.

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