[ALERT SDNY] Gremlins knock hate crime off the air during SPUTNIK propaganda broadcast

Updated: May 10

It could have been a historic moment for the three alleged Russian disinformation hate crime agents: Lee Stranahan (fake Christian) broadcasting in Washington, D.C. while Jason Goodman (alleged malignant narcissist) and Charles (fat slob) Ortel telephone called into Lee's show. But, alas, the gremlins from the Disinformation Governance Board were jamming the signals from Goodman's Malibu Stacy cell phone hook-up.



Comrade Jason "Sneaky" Goodman could be seen by New Yorkers in Foley Square on Tuesday plugging and unplugging wires and jacks into his hate crime wrist phone, head phone and apparently a new waist or butt phone. None of it worked to the chagrin of pro-Russian Lee Stranahan (recovering from his stroke in South Dakota).

Comrade Charles (bloated) Ortel seemed to be sporting his usual "deer in headlights" alleged hate crime look of terror in the large crowd protesting the draft release of the U.S. Supreme Court's latest ruling on Roe vs. Wade.

As is typical with malignant narcissists, Comrade Sneaky Goodman wasted no time in shifting blame way from his hate crime wiring mess and blaming the poor performance of this "historic video" on "thumbs down attacks". No one seems to know what a thumbs down attack is.

When it isn't a "thumbs down attack" Sneaky blames things on "selective disruption"

Apparently, alleged hate crime advocate Jason Goodman, M.N, (malignant narcissist) is blaming these disruptions on anti-American and former Sneaky room-mate George Webb as Webb travels Poland and Kosovo.



Rumor has it that the European Commission may have commenced an investigation into Odysee, aka Odysee Holdings, Inc, of Manchester, New Hampshire concerning their block-chain and the ability or inability to delete supposed videos of hate crime holocaust deniers and CSAM, aka Child Sexual Abuse Material. Hmmmm. That could be a sticky wicket as Canadian authorities have also been alerted it seems. Apparently one can never delete a video from the block chain. Yikes. A CSAM infested network? Oh, oh. What will BIG SIS say?

"A top executive at the video sharing platform Odysee wrote guidance to moderators in late April that a “Nazi that makes videos about the superiority of the white race” would not be grounds by itself for removal from the platform, according to a leaked email obtained by the Guardian.

The platform, whose owner, LBRY Inc, is currently being sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for trading in unregistered securities, has been increasingly popular with extremists who have been banned from other platforms, and who are attracted by Odysee’s cryptocurrency-based monetization program.

The emails, sent in error to a user who had been complaining about neo-Nazi content on the platform, suggest that the platform is not doing as much as it can to restrict extremists."

ABOVE: Ursula von der Leyen President of the European Commission.


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