[ALERT SDNY] Fun facts about foot-dragging Judge Analisa Torres of SEC vs. RIPPLE LABS

Updated: Apr 15


Hot off the press, new legal filings in Jason Goodman vs. the EMMY Television Awards. April 22, 2022 planned initial pre-trial conference. (See below).

Judge Analisa Torres refuses to take on "Sneaky" Goodman's second lawsuit against George Webb. Ouch.

Goodman v Sharp et al-21-cv-10627-VEC
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Goodman v Sharp et al 21-cv-10627-VEC
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Meanwhile, back with Judge Valerie E. Caproni:

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04/14/2022 CASE DECLINED AS NOT RELATED. Case referred as related to 1:21-cv-10878-AT-JLC and declined by Judge Analisa Torres and returned to wheel for assignment. (aea) (Entered: 04/14/2022)

04/14/2022 NOTICE OF CASE REASSIGNMENT to Judge Lorna G. Schofield. Judge Unassigned is no longer assigned to the case..(ea) (Entered: 04/14/2022)

ABOVE: "Sneaky" Goodman stumbles on his words, near a Chelsea pile of garbage bags, concerning his three active S.D.N.Y. lawsuits. At least he is not screaming at a baby in a stroller (see 12/31/21 incident at City Hall).



The magistrate judge in the SEC v. RIPPLE cryptocurrency action made a recommendation that must now go to Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.) Judge Analisa Torres.

Chambers of the Honorable Analisa Torres United States District Court for the Southern District of New York 500 Pearl Street New York, New York 10007 (212) 805-0292 (chambers)

Don't forget folks, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) can still object to the magistrate judge's report, which sends it to Judge Analisa Torres (always bragging about her Puerto Rican heritage).

ABOVE: New Yorkers prepare for Cinco de Mayo at the federal courthouse.


The alt-right community, or (we guess) the "counter lawfare" gang, is living in the Southern District of New York (S.D.N.Y.) litigation house of mirrors, and they appear to be welcoming federal judge Analisa Torres into their fold.

Social media rivals are now suing each other and injecting themselves into cryptocurrency actions. With the favorable ruling in S.E.C. v. Ripple action now the hunt begins for dirt in judge Torres' background by Internet sleuths, just like with S.D.N.Y. judge Valerie E. Caproni and that pesky TWA Flight 800 crash.

ABOVE: Racist bigot Jason "Sneaky" Goodman singles out another black police officer for personal attacks (lazy officer was texting says Sneaky).

No longer content on Reddit, court designated conspiracy theorists like Jason "Sneaky" Goodman "blog" on the S.D.N.Y. docket. Presently "Sneaky" Goodman is "blogging" in four S.D.N.Y. actions (two with judge Caproni, one with judge Torres and another refused by judge Torres. Back to the wheel.

Few people know that "cyber police" snitch and "Hollywood player" Jason "Sneaky" Goodman is presently under the adjudication of Her Honor Judge Torres. Yes, that "Her Honor", the presiding judge in the most important litigation in the cryptocurrency universe.


Care-free foot-dragging Judge Torres has been allowing the pleadings from BOTH George Webb (independent reporter presently on assignment in Rotterdam) and Jason Goodman (presently filming garbage in the Chelsea region of New York City) to stack up around her office. Rumors have it that this negligence could be an attempt to keep this particular action "hush hush", or on the Q.T.

Thank goodness absentee judge Analisa Torres doesn't really check on Jason Goodman and his missed deadlines in the Christopher E. Bouzy action.

ABOVE: George Webb, somewhere in Western Europe, is being sued by Jason "Sneaky" Goodman.

Slothful and sloppy Judge Torres has missed a few court deadlines in the Jason "Sneaky" Goodman v. George Webb action, but so what. That is better than ordering the wrong documents on the court docket be stricken (pay attention judge). Maybe more time in the judge's chambers and less time at the make-up counter, eh Judge?

ABOVE: Jason "Sneaky" Goodman says that George Webb accused him of raping the UNICEF girl in New York.

ABOVE: Some believe that "Sneaky" Goodman is jealous of George Webb's success on the International stage, while "Sneaky" films NYC's garbage bags.


ABOVE: F.B.I. "cyber police" snitch (Hollywood player) Jason Goodman. Loves to turn over "empirical evidence" to special agents about the players in the world of social media. Seems like he is suing Christopher E. Bouzy, aka @CBOUZY on the Twitter box.

ABOVE: One of the last known tweets sent by Jason Goodman before Twitter disabled his account permanently. Ouch!

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