[ALERT SDNY SPYING]: Is Jason Goodman a stooge foot soldier for NYC Trump operative Felix Sater?

Updated: Apr 6

While the world awaits for the final legal expenses bill to be given to Jason Goodman (estimated to be up to $250,000.00 (US)) the SDNY conspiracy theorist seems calm and almost joyous about the whole matter.

Goodman, aka "Sneaky", lost his lawsuit by DEFAULT with the EMMY Television Awards in the SDNY (case listed below).

SDNY Judge Valerie E. Caproni declared Sneaky a conspiracy theorist who traffics conspiracy theories on social media.

In the mid-2000s, the Trump Organization partnered with a company called the Bayrock Group, contracting it to pursue a development deal in Moscow. This effort was led by the Russian-born businessman Felix Sater, who’s become a key figure in Robert S. Mueller’s F.B.I. investigation and Michael Cohen’s plea deal.

In 2005, Sater found a former pencil factory he thought could be converted into a high-end skyscraper, and was in discussions with Russian investors about it. The deal ultimately fell through, but Sater continued to maintain a relationship with the Trump Organization.

The New York Times reported, “During a trip in 2006, Mr. Sater and two of Mr. Trump’s children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, stayed at the historic Hotel National Moscow opposite the Kremlin, connecting with potential partners over the course of several days.”

ABOVE: Felix Sater—a Russian-born, New York-based Jewish real estate developer best known for having tried to broker a deal for Donald Trump to build a tower in Moscow.

After Donald Trump took office, his lawyer, Michael Cohen and Felix Sater proposed a Ukraine ‘peace plan’ in which sanctions would be lifted in exchange for a withdrawal of pro-Russian troops from Ukraine and a referendum on Crimea.


The plan was handed to Trump’s national security advisor General Michael Flynn, who later resigned after revelations that he had lied about discussing the sanctions with Sergey Kislyak, then Russian Ambassador to the US.

ABOVE: Jason Goodman meet's with Michael Flynn's personal attorney, Sidney Powell, and General Flynn's former F.B.I. aid Robyn Gritz. It is rumored that retired F.B.I. agent Robyn Gritz was Felix Sater's F.B.I. handler.

ABOVE: Alleged woman hater "Sneaky" Goodman who apparently drove a 72 y.o. woman to an early grave. Big, tough Jason "attack the elderly" Goodman (friend of Charles Ortel).

ABOVE: One of a dozen appearances of Robyn Gritz on the Jason Goodman show.


In the hushed corners of the SDNY snack bar, people whisper about the role of NYC attorney John H. Snyder in the EMMY Television Awards mess. Snyder was Sneaky's lawyer in the EMMY lawsuit until he resigned as Goodman's attorney out of fear of this SDNY blog.

Seems Snyder was also working with Felix Sater in the Russia spy lawsuit that accuses Sater of stealing millions from a bank in the Ukraine. See City of Almaty, Kazakhstan et al v. Sater et al.

Interesting that Sneaky's company (AEROCINE) was flying drones over Chernobyl in the Ukraine the day before the Maiden Revolution (see 2/22/2014).


"On Feb. 3, long-time Trump associate Felix Sater filed a cross-complaint in a New York federal court. The complaint alleges that Russian and Kazakhstan-connected individuals and entities conducted “a shadow intelligence operation of Sater and Trump for the purpose of manufacturing information to harm Donald Trump politically,” including by providing Christopher Steele a PowerPoint presentation riddled with lies Steele later fed to the FBI. ...

Shortly after Sater became aware of the FBI 302 interview summary of Steele, Sater retained co-counsels John Snyder and Tom Sima in the spring of 2021. According to Snyder, Sater retained the two New York attorneys because they had previously handled sensitive matters involving Kazakhstan and because Sima speaks fluent Russian and has 20 years of experience and contacts in Kazakhstan.

The FBI 302 interview summary of Steele was a “real eye-opener,” Snyder said in an interview, with Sater claiming in his lawsuit that he “was shocked to learn that the Kazakhs [Parties] and Arcanum engaged him under the CAA in bad faith.”"


ABOVE: John Hoover Snyder on the Jason Goodman conspiracy show.


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