9/11 SDNY News: Judge Valerie Caproni issues ORDER in EMMY lawsuit, Alex Jones a CrowdSource guest

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Click below for copy of court summons

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This week's 9/11 forecast calls for the potential mysterious legal intervention into the Jason Goodman, aka CrowdSource The Truth, aka Multimedia Systems Design, Inc., trademark infringement and libel lawsuit filed by the EMMY Awards (National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences [NATAS]).

The Hon. Valerie E. Caproni has been assigned as the presiding judge over the EMMY trademark lawsuit against Jason Goodman's company that produces "CrowdSource The Truth".

Meanwhile, fans of the EMMY Awards are casting a hopeful eye upon New York Attorney General (NYAG) Tish James expecting her to deal a crushing legal blow to the Jason "conspiracy theorist" Goodman's social media properties (to include well over 13 separate platforms).

Thanks to the ORDERS of the Hon. Valerie E. Caproni (presiding judge over Goodman libel case no. 1) NYAG Tish James can refer to Jason Goodman as a "conspiracy theorist" that spends his time "concocting outlandish conspiracy theories" while "spreading disinformation" (EMMY complaint) about the COVID-19 virus pandemic (Goodman libel case no. 2, also presided over by Judge Caproni).

Above: Hon. Valerie E. Caproni, federal judge in both of Jason Goodman's libel cases

First ORDER of judge Caproni can be downloaded below:

Download PDF • 43KB

But, now Jason Goodman has called out the alleged "big guns" of the conspiracy movement to discuss these lawsuits (apparently).

Above: Alex Jones and Jason Goodman discuss (allegedly) how to target the New York Attorney General


Jason Goodman plans a special CrowdSource The Truth 9/11 podcast this Friday. Both young and old 9/11 conspiracy theorists can relish in the tales of disgraced "forensic economist" David "Sherlock Holmes" Hawkins during the podcast.

Hawkins, a "CrowdSource The Truth" elder sage, hails from White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, where he ran for something like city dog catcher and generally was a nuisance discussing his alleged "forensic economist" credentials. He is the subject of the first Goodman libel lawsuit.

Above: Jason Goodman, CEO of Multimedia Systems Design, Inc., strolls with his special friend (Quinn Michaels replacement) "Sir" David Hawkins.

Among other crack-pot 9/11 conspiracy theories, Hawkins pushes the narrative that the deaths of 343 fire fighters at the World Trade Center was engineered to happen with the failure of encryption signalling on Motorola public safety radios. But, since Motorola is headquartered near Chicago, Illinois, Hawkins believes they are working in a possible cartel with Hillary Clinton "deep state" operatives.

Above: Field McConnell side-kick David Hawkins proffers that agency's like "SERCO" engineered the failure of public safety radios on 9/11

David Hawkins appears to be in the CrowdSource The Truth "social media hideout" while he contemplates his future years sharing the stage of Jason Goodman's platform with self appointed special prosecutors like Larry Klayman, esq. (presently under a 90-day suspension of his law license in Washington, D.C.) and many others.

Goodman's former and present side-kicks include former real life Hillary Clinton operative Larry Nichols from Arkansas, Scott Allan Bennett charged with impersonating a military officer and various firearm and weapons felonies, etc.


Goodman is fond of visiting felons of weapons charges in their homes, like Michael Barden of Avondale, Arizona. But, Goodman's eerie visit to the home of Field McConnell is the most bizarre as Goodman observes the various vast holdings of the former Northwest Airlines pilot.

Above: Field McConnell is now under house arrest in Florida for threatening the life of a judge and lawyer.


Many Internet observers are hearing rumors that NYAG Tish James may have some special paperwork in store for Mr. Goodman. Apparently, something special is arriving on the court docket 9/11. But, which court? Libel no. 1 or Libel no. 2?

Unfortunately many Internet observers will have to anxiously await any news of a potential intervention into one of these libel lawsuits. An intervention is a request by a third party to intrude into the lawsuit.

What is appalling to most observers is the horrifically rude behavior of Jason Goodman in dealing with the lawyers from the institution (NATAS) behind the EMMY's.

Goodman thought it wise to circumvent the attorneys and allegedly made two phone calls to the private residence of the President of the EMMY Awards (NATAS CEO Adam Sharp.).

Some people believe Goodman honed his skills at allegedly mounting executive smear campaigns with his former side-kick George Webb (recall Webb and Goodman were called out by the New York Times for shutting down the Port of Charleston with a "dirty bomb hoax").

Above: Jason Goodman and George Webb discuss a "9/11 sized event" that will hit the Port of Charleston, S.C. like the Beirut ammonium nitrate explosion. Video released June 14, 2017. Subject of a book that describes the event in detail.



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